NTUC response to ANC’s jester, Mr. Gedleyihlekisa Zuma – NTUC

National Trade Union Congress

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The National Trade Union Congress of South Africa would like to alert Africans (excluding Zimbabweans) of the leadership vacuum and an ideological paucity that has struck our continent. We have noted with melancholy the recent comedy show in the national parliament chaired by the speaker of parliament Mrs. Baleka Mbethe and the state president Mr. Gedleyihlekisa Zuma. The man [president Zuma] jokes about his abuse of public funds which financed the upgrading of his private Nkandla residence, and members of his party applauds to this utter nonsense.

Black graduates and many black labour force remains unemployed as per the 2015 recent labour force survey and such has been going on since the dawn of the so called freedom built on unjust peace and continuous exploitations of black workers. SA stills faces an economic crisis, our health facilities are poor, learners study under trees. And many other ills we are faced with.

Eskom, NSFAS and majority of the government owned entities are under financial crisis yet billions of rands are lost in many corruptions happening in government. Nkandla corruption is just one case in a million cases. He [president Zuma] and his fellow narrow ideologues can afford to joke about Nkandla in parliament because they are not at all affected by the current upheaval.

We are of a view that the problem is not individuals in the ruling party but the policies and the lack of political will to overthrow the current system which puts a heavy burden on the shoulders of the     proletariats. The apartheid which they claim to have fought against was on its self a fraud at the highest level. The fact that the current ruling class have engulfed corruption, capitalism and all the evil deeds of apartheid is a sign that all they sought was to do away with white faces from government but mimic all their evil deeds. The people of this country are going to suffer for as long as chumps preside over the issues of the nation with little effort. The sad part is that our children will look up to these chumps because as things stand almost only politicians live a better life and majority of the masses including graduates are made to suffer.

White supremacy has indeed put many anger management systems in place. politicians and pastors are among such systems put in place to control the anger of the masses while cashing in from them.Thus, NTUC proposes that all salaries of politicians be taken away with immediate effect so that they can realize how majority of the working class are suffering out there. The government must address the land question very robustly, because there is no dignity without land, which is why the white settlers targeted the land first before anything else. Furthermore, protected industrialization and decentralization of the economy remains key initiatives for addressing the huge unemployment crisis of our country. In the meantime while still addressing the land issue and trying to industrialize, there should be a minimum wage across the board to enable our people to be economically self-sufficient. Companies might argue that there is a shortage of skilled labours, high operations cost etc. but they still get away with billions of rands in revenue.

Politicians must take the people of this country serious or else that parliament should be rendered dysfunctional. Anyway, parliament like universities is a colonial establishment and its primary purpose is to produce people who are efficient components of the exploitative system. We are indeed in concord with Amilcar Cabral when he said, “the problem with Africa is the ideological deficiency of liberation movements.” To add on Cabral’s utterances, ideology should be coupled with a commitment to advance the struggle, willingness to be criticized when you are deviating from such an ideology.

Zuma must do the honourable thing and pay back workers and tax payers money.

Solidarity forever!

NTUC is the only alternative!!!

Issued by the National Trade Union Congress

One thought on “NTUC response to ANC’s jester, Mr. Gedleyihlekisa Zuma – NTUC”

  1. there so important and constructive ideas which we the illiterate cannot understand and as a result we continue to support and vote for our oppression and that nkandla money mustn’t be paid back .
    you have towrite in all 11 languages in south africa guys. look at them they do convey their misleading information through languages we do understand . you have to use the plat forms such as Facebook to scatter such informations.
    if I was reach I was going to help to spread this through the email marketing tool to all south Africans irregardless of political affiliation.
    but thank you that we still have people who are still there for us in south Africa where the corruption to rich himself with his family on the expense of others is the tradition of the day. may our lord Jesus Christ bless you guys !!!


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