Statement of NTUC on the victory of CCMA cases against the EFF – NTUC

National Trade Union Congress

Sponsored by Nablie

NTUC regard today as a victorious day for workers. On the other hand we hope that a lesson has been learnt by the EFF which has shown elements of criminality and have resorted to exploitation of its own workers. The EFF has no regard whatsoever for the rule of law, Especially that which relates to rules governing workers and their rights.

NTUC welcomes the victory registered by the CCMA in favour of the workers in mpumalanga and northern cape who were unfairly dismissed by EFF of Julius Malema and his core of lutenants who operate on his instruction and fail to apply their minds even when it comes to basic labour related issues.

The EFF Mafia Core led by the Tax Dodger Malema must know that unlike SARS, when it comes to workers issues there can never be a political card or conceived conspiracy theories played to avoid accountability. NTUC and EFF Workers Forum will continue to ensure that all those unfairly dismissed are reinstated and compensated accordingly. Julius Malema must put an end to this wave of unfair labour practices within the EFF.

More victories are coming for workers!!!!

Solidarity forever!

NTUC is the only alternative!!!

Issued by the National Trade Union Congress

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