Zuma must stop dealy-darling with Commission report – PAC

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While Africans and Africanists across Africa and in diaspora celebrate Africa Day, we have nothing to celebrate instead we weep with sadness.

Pan Africanist Congress of Azania commemorated its Africa Day in partnership with Constitution Hill on the 24th May 2015 because our government does not deem it as a public holiday like foreign Christmas and Easter Day.

We are very much disappointed with president Jacob Zuma for not showing adequate leadership by making the Farlam Commission report  handed to him in March to be public as we believe that South Africans must know who gave orders to kill.

The PAC believe that it cant be correct that politicians use their privilege and powers to corruptly escape their responsibility.

To make matters worse, you have a senior citizen who have ambition of becoming president one day being the big player in the massacre, this man is also a member of parliament and at times sent to other countries to intervene in war-torn areas which contradicts his response and role in Marikana massacre.

PAC sadly and vividly recalls the Commission set up after the Sharpeville/Langa massacre which pointed fingers at “innocent” police who are also deemed by the PAC as workers like the miners looking after their beloved family.

The report is deliberately delayed to be doctored somewhere and the blame will all go to the police and its commissioners. Politicians must learn to take responsibility for their unholy dealings.

We are awaiting the report and believe that the matter is so huge that International Criminal Court (ICC) have to be introduced, whoever gave orders should be tried international, murder its a crime against humanity, in fact its unafrican behaviour displayed by this comrades.


Issued by PAC

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