2010 bribery: DA to formally place briefing from Jordaan, Mbeki and others on Parliament’s agenda tomorrow – DA


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The Democratic Alliance will formally place a briefing from SAFA officials, including Danny Jordaan and Molefi Oliphant, on Parliament’s agenda tomorrow when the Sport Committee meets.

Following ongoing revelations of the involvement of senior government figures, we will further request that former President Thabo Mbeki, Deputy Finance Minister Jabu Moleketi and then Minister of International Relations Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma also appear before the committee.

The DA has written several times to Beauty Dlulane, the Chairperson of the portfolio committee, calling for answers to be provided to the nation from the individuals implicated in the bribery scandal rocking our country.

Tomorrow’s Committee meeting will be crucial to ensure this briefing happens as Ms Dlulane has, to date, given no firm commitment that she will call Jordaan and others to appear.

It is high time that these individuals are summoned to come forward with the critical information which will enable us to get to the bottom of the issue.

The portfolio committee should not be a spectator in the midst of these damaging bribery allegations when it can intervene to hold those responsible for this accountable.

Last week a letter by the former SAFA President, Molefi Oliphant, dated 4 March 2008 instructing FIFA to redirect $10 million, came to light. Another letter, written by Jordaan in December 2007 to FIFA authorising the $10 million payment to CONCACAF, also emerged.

In the Portfolio Committee meeting tomorrow morning, I will push for answers on whether and when the Chairperson intends to deal with what is arguably the biggest ever scandal to hit the football world.

The DA believes that South Africans deserve to hear the truth from the mouths of our own officials and will continue to fight for the answers we all deserve.

Issued by Solomon Malatsi on behalf of DA, Solomon Malatsi is DA’s Shadow Minister of Sport and Recreation

2 thoughts on “2010 bribery: DA to formally place briefing from Jordaan, Mbeki and others on Parliament’s agenda tomorrow – DA”

  1. an utter disgrace — i in myself knew that something was wrong — i suspected someone bribed someone. I was right – to all my friends who laughed at me — well like the saying goes he who laughs last laughs best


  2. I don’t see the reason why South Africans are bothered by world cup scandal because if they didn’t use their resources ‪#‎money‬….most of us would have never had experienced it beside on tv……‪#‎thankthebriber‬ what is the use of having money if its not gona buy you life time moments


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