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The Congress of the People is not surprised by the findings of the Auditor General on Free State municipalities. These are as a direct result of nepotism and corruption. The Free State African National Congress (ANC) deployment policy puts loyalty to the “party line “as being more important than skills, qualifications and efficiency.

The two important findings concerning unqualified/unskilled Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and awarding of tenders to friends, comrades and relatives are directly linked. The ANC Deployment Committee is the one which decide about who must be employed and Municipal Councils only rubber stamp these decisions. As a result these officials only take instructions from the ANC Provincial Leadership irrespective of administrative soundness or legality of the instructions.

These “deployees”, are nothing but implementing tools of the corrupt ANC Leadership. They have no respect for the law and the Municipal Finance Management Act is not applicable to them and the Auditor General’s findings and recommendation are merely an annual irritant because there will be no consequence. The fact that the ANC Government at all spheres of government has institutionalised corruption is a well known and accepted fact within the circles of the governing party. COPE is watching with baited breath about whether any of these CFOs and/or Municipal Managers will be dismissed in line with previous ANC President; Ministers; Premiers and MECs. COPE is convinced that no action will be taken because these officials were carrying out ANC Government policy of “looting treasury as much as one can.”

COPE hopes that the voters can see why they don’t get the type of services the pay for and deserve. Only the voters can defeat corruption and nepotism. COPE Councillors in the Free State will be taking these corrupt activities within Municipalities and demand that in each case, appropriate action is taken.

Issued by COPE Free State

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