No Marriage Certificates For Forced Marriages – IFP

“The Department must investigate thoroughly before issuing marriage certificates when minors are involved. Issuing of marriage certificates must stop if minors are found to be forced into marriage without their consent. How the Department can issue a certificate for such marriage? We further call on Amakhosi and priests to ensure that they don’t allow such marriages to take place in their areas. Amakhosi must not allow “iphoyisa lenkosi”
to participate in such marriages, if they agree to participate they must also be held accountable,” said IFP KZN Women’s Brigade Chairperson, Mrs Ncamisile Nkwanyana.

“The Department of Social Development must ensure that parents who forced their underage children to marry face jail time. Forced marriage is an “appalling practice” and criminalising it will send a strong message that it will not be tolerated. Forced marriage is an indefensible abuse of human rights and can result in abduction, serial rape and murder. This practice is unacceptable in KZN and should be dealt with severely,” continued Mrs Nkwanyana.

“We call on communities to be aware of this contentious issue of forced marriage and to be vocal in their objection of such abuse of our children,” concluded Mrs Nkwanyana.

Issued by Mrs Ncamisile Nkwanyana on behalf of IFP, Ncamisile Nkwanyana is IFP KZN Women’s Brigade Chairperson

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