Commends swift government action in Mamelodi – ANC


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The African National Congress commends the Gauteng Provincial Government, the City of Tshwane and the National Department of Transport for their swift action in addressing the disruptions in Mamelodi, Tshwane.

Over the past few days, from 01 to 03 July 2015, the country has witnessed shameful acts of violence wherein taxis blocked the entrance to bus depots in Mamelodi preventing Autopax busses from operating. This led to busses being stoned and damaged, and a driver and passengers being shot at. The ANC condemns these barbaric acts in the strongest terms possible.

The Gauteng Provincial Government, the City of Tshwane, and the National Department of Transport swiftly intervened by meeting with the affected stakeholders, notably the provincial taxi associations and community members, on their concerns. Law enforcement agencies were also deployed to the area to quell the intimidation and violence.

We are pleased to note therefore that from Saturday, 04 July to date, calm has returned to Mamelodi and bus services have been running smoothly and without disruptions. Our appreciation extends to all those involved for restoring peace and stability in the area.

The ANC notes the ongoing consultations amongst stakeholders and trusts that any residual matters will be resolved speedily; thus contributing to the realisation of our quest for safe, reliable, affordable and accessible public transport.

Issued by the African National Congress

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