Prosecute Tshwane Mayor, Cllr. Ramokgopa immediately – COPE

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Congress of the people wants the Hawks to arrest all those involved in the irregular tender awarded by the Pretoria Metro to the suppliers of the electricity smart meters. The fact that Treasury explicitly requested the municipality not to proceed with the contract but that it arrogantly persisted any way is reason enough to prosecute all the transgressors.

What makes the situation even more horrendous is the fact that the municipality blatantly ignored the warning of the Minister of Finance at the time. This indicates one thing and one thing only. the deal was so sweet for the Mayor, Exco members and officials that they were determined to resist all calls to can the contract.

the wanton and deliberate transgression of the MFMA by the municipality is a serious breach of the law requiring the sternest and swiftest action. This irregular action by the municipality is tantamount to daylight robbery. Ratepayers need legal protection from predators such as those in charge of the Pretoria municipality.

COPE demands that immediate action is taken by Treasury to prosecute those who defied Treasury, ignored the Minister and transgressed the MFMA.

Issued by Dennis Bloem on behalf of Cope, Dennis Bloem is Cope’s National spokes person

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