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The EFF is not shocked by the call the General Secretary of the SACP, Blade Nzimande, has made for the EFF to be killed. Nzimande has called on a party that openly rejects neoliberalism, embraces socialism and uses Marxism- Leninism – Fanonian schools of thought as guide to action to be killed and removed from society because SACP is opposed to these ideals and schools of thought.

Nzimande, who leads a communist party that has supported GEAR, ASGISA and NDP led ANC, calls for a party in parliament that rejects GEAR, ASGISA and the NDP also because SACP is part of driving these policies by their inclusion in government. He does not celebrate that there are left forces in South Africa pursuing socialism and working hard to undermine the neoliberal order because he is part of it.

Nzimande has not called for parties like the DA who openly advocate for privatization and neoliberalism to be killed or racist organizations like Afri-Forum or parties that defend white interests like FF+ to die. He wants the EFF, a socialist and left wing party to die because in essence EFF does not depend on white intellectuals like Nzimande’s SACP.

The EFF has managed to grow into a formidable force, both in the urban and rural areas, but also in intellectual stature, without any white supervision. This is what really troubles Nzimande. What makes gives him sleepless nights is that unlike him, blacks of the EFF have managed to truly build an alternative socialist party without any white supervision.

Instead of celebrating this, the house slave Nzimande whose SACP is a white master’s house both presently and historically, cries foul. We know that he is an intellectual dwarf that depends on Jeremy Cronin to make any meaningful and substantial contribution. Therefore what he is saying also reflects the deep jealousy suffered by white communists like Cronin who cannot take anything black that is intellectually self sufficient. They therefore use self-hating dwarfs who suffer from colonial psychosis like Nzimande to communicate their desires.

The SACP’s role has always been to marginalize radical blacks within the left in protection of white privilege hence their comfort with a neoliberal bourgeois nationalist ANC. This is attested by the historic Sunset Clauses which managed to protect white privileges during negotiations towards 1994, and were initially called Slovo Clauses because they were his idea. Joe Slovo is the one that drove negotiations to make compromises on the special state employment of white bureaucrats, the protection of private properties so that key policies like the state taking over the ownership of the mines does not happen.

This is the legacy of the SACP during the transition: the protection of white privileges and South Africa is in this mess economically because of SACP’s contribution. It continues to be in a mess because the SACP is part of the neoliberal anti-black ANC state. Nzimande is therefore representing the best of this historic tradition: kill any party that demands nationalization as this is tempering with white privileges.

We are not afraid of Nzimande and we told him in parliament that we can finish what we started. We are not afraid because should any membership audit be done, the membership of the EFF in Northern Cape is bigger than that of the SACP AND YCL combined. Nzimande can be rest assured, we are the future and no one, even the ANC, can stop us.


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  1. Only foolish people believe any bullshit that the Pig called Julius and his puppets say. They know nothing about socialism, or Marxism for that matter. Unless the new definition of such is holiganism.


  2. I think Komanisi by firstly throwing insults shows your infantile disorder or ideological bankruptcy instead instead engaging them on wha you know best that socialism or Marxism


  3. I think Komanisi by firstly throwing insults shows your infantile disorder or ideological bankruptcy instead of engaging them ideological on what you know best that is socialism or Marxism



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