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The Economic Freedom Fighters condemns in the strongest terms the cowardly political violence and intolerance by an ANC councillor in ward 22 of Rusternburg. The ANC councillor, Mr. Levoyo Tolo Maqwane, led a mob of about 50 ANC thugs and hooligans to attack EFF activists with bricks, leaving their cars damaged. The EFF activists were campaigning in the area for the EFF Second Anniversary Rally to be held in Olympia Park Stadium.

The EFF has opened a case with the police at Boitekong Police Station, reference number CAS 176/7/2015. All other fighters whose cars were damaged also opened criminal cases

The EFF is fully aware that the coward ANC have resorted to political thuggery and violence in response to with the shifting sands beneath their feet. They are acting according to the directives of their leader Blade Nzimande who said EFF must be killed. There is no doubt that the EFF has gained a massive support in this region and there is nothing except intimidation and violence that the ANC and Nzimande can resort to, to save the ANC fall from grace.

The EFF wants to send a strong message to both the police and the ANC that it will not stand by when its activists are being attacked and nothing is done. We are not afraid of anybody and no one has any right to use violence in a political game. If this is the case, the EFF will be forced to defend its political freedoms by any revolutionary means necessary.


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