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Issued by Nablie

Congress of the People will lay a charge of fraud against the former Chairwoman of the SABC, Ellen Tshabala, at the Brixton police station in Johannesburg, tomorrow, at 11H00.

Ms Tshabala resigned as Chairperson of SABC board in December 2014. She too was caught apparently lying about her qualifications.

Notwithstanding the fact that she resigned seven months ago, it remains an unchallenged accusation in the public domain that she knowingly and with deceitful purpose misrepresented her qualifications to assume a high paying and influential post. When challenged to produce the qualifications she said she had, she stated in a sworn statement that her qualification documents were stolen from her house. The university, however, checked and was unable to corroborate her claim. Left with no defence, she was forced to resign. The inference we can safely draw from the above is that she acted fraudulently in claiming a qualification she did not have.

It has become almost a norm in our country for people to present fake qualifications in order to secure a highly paid job with a huge salary. This is happening in all three spheres of government, parastatals and entities. After being caught out, they resign or walk away with a golden handshake.

The time has come for society to express its grave disquiet at the collusive role of government in making shady appointments because of political connections. We must not allow this cancer to continue to the detriment of our institutions. We must not only blow the whistle; but go after these cheats. They are depriving hundreds of highly qualified people who made real sacrifices of opportunities that should be open to them. The cheats are stealing taxpayers’ money.

Cope is very determined to chase after all these dishonest people and to bring them to book.

We are therefore going to open a case of fraud against Ms Tshabala with the sole aim of getting her to prove in court that she has the qualifications she claims she has or to face the legal consequences. If found guilty, she must pay back each and every cent that she took fraudulently from the state.

Cope wants to see the police investigate the supposed fraud she perpetrated against the state. Furthermore, upon conviction in a court of law the forfeiture unit should seize such assets as she wrongfully acquired.
We hope to see you at Brixton Police station tomorrow at 11H00.

Issued by Dennis Bloem on behalf of COPE

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  1. the best news ive heard for ages – lets hope each and every MP etc that has fraud the Govt. is hounded & charged & that all the money they received is recovered .If one just takes the R700 billion that has been lost to the Govt. & the taxpayers since 1994 it is mind boggling to think that the Govt. could have dished out for free at least R1 million to each person in south africa that was deprived during the nationalists reign and thereby wiping out poverty completely here in south africa whereas only a certian few have enriched themselves & their immediate families illegally at expensive of the poor & downtrodden.They have to be bought to book & made to pay the money back.



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