71st Anniversary of ANCYL – ANC

ANCThe African National Congress congratulates the ANCYL on the occasion of its 71st birthday today. It is worth appreciating the role played by the organization since its formation in 1944 which had a huge impact on the strategies and functioning of the ANC as its mother body.

Over time the ANCYL has played a critical role to energize and radicalize the programme and strategies of ANC by galvanizing and mobilizing and channeling the militancy of the youth in our struggle. Young South Africans have swelled the ranks of the Liberation Movement as a result of the work of the ANCYL.

The ANCYL has produced remarkable revolutionaries and leaders who through many epochs of our struggle became key in advancing our course. It is befitting to salute the ANCYL for having remained a strategic component of liberation movement and having infused energy to many of our campaigns.

We believe the revolutionary task they share with the ANC and all MDM structures will continue to guide their work towards economic freedom as anticipated in their strategic perspective.

Issued by ANC

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