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Congress of the People calls on President Zuma to resign at once. Alternatively, the ruling party must kick him out immediately. President Zuma is selling the country to private interests. Congress of the People is not shocked to read the latest revelations about the Guptas being allowed to supply marginal quality coal to Eskom. We have come to expect such shenanigans under the Zuma administration.

The Sunday Times investigation found that the Gupta’s mine Tegeta, which had long operated without environmental clearance, was afforded five separate quality test opportunities to get the nod. To add salt and chillies to the wound, four Eskom employees who continued to question the quality of the coal were suspended for their trouble. What is going on at Eskom that allows Tegeta to get such favourable consideration that has never been given to any other company? Why is Eskom using coal that will certainly add to the cost of electricity and perhaps plunge South Africa into darkness again? Why must citizens continue to bear the enormous costs of one irregularity after another?

As with the Sunday Times, we too want to know where Matshela Koko got the right to bypass company protocol wilfully and to take it upon himself to directly and personally challenge those who conducted the laboratory test and found the Tegeta coal to be of marginal quality. Who authorised him to use strong-arm tactics? Was the suspension of the four employees done procedurally and lawfully?

Congress of the People demands that Minister Lynne Brown launches an immediate investigation into Matshela Koko for his transgression and that she enquires whether Eskom was indeed procuring marginal quality coal from Tegeta through the corrupt bending of rules. We need answers from her. The mismanagement at Eskom has cost the nation dearly. Businesses have folded or run at a loss and thousands of workers have had to be retrenched. Every failure at Eskom is a serious blow to every South African. COPE wants answers from Minister Lynne Brown.

President Zuma’s malign influence on ethical governance and sound management within government and state enterprises continues to manifest itself repeatedly. He will provide no moral leadership but seek to ride out each and every storm that has any link to him. In our view, South Africa under President Zuma will collapse into chaos as those who are close to him continue to get favours that are in conflict with standard procedures. This is another example of how his friends prosper at the cost of ordinary South Africans.

Issued by Dennis Bloem on behalf of COPE


  1. How can this be allowed after ESKOM came pleading for more money for their operations, Eskom is just as corrupt as PRASA quality does not count as long as they can feed their pockets it is ok.


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