38th anniversary of the killing of Steven Bantu Biko – ANC

ANC38 years ago South Africa was plunged into shame with the killing of Steve Bantu Biko a fearless South African whose commitment to change was unflinching. Steve Biko was the hope of many oppressed South Africans, he embodies their hope for restoration of human dignity and recognition in their land of birth.

The apartheid government thought by killing him they would silence his eloquent and convincing voice of reason as well as determination but it failed to realize that he had planted a seed in the minds of our people who would take his legacy and consciousness forward.

His leadership and persistent voice gave birth to many generations who championed the ideals he espoused. Steve Biko has correctly emerged as a symbol of our liberation struggle alongside many of our legendary leaders. South Africans owe their liberation to his vision, persistence and sacrifices. We must celebrate the life of this outstanding leader to ensure that future generations emulate his courage to move our country forward.

We salute his family for have shared his valuable and shortened life with oppressed masses of our people. We are grateful to his kids who grew up having been deprived of a father whose stature had no measure.

Issued by ANC

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