White are more privileged than blacks – Arthur Moyana

People are talkingAs I arise in this new rainbow nation the motive force behind my
inspiration is race.white dominating over blacks in the blacks
territorial.I’m the voice of the voiceless and the mouthpiece to those who
are dump. My views are not to cause havoc nor disturbances but to lighten my fellow south
Africans who are still basking in the Whiteman’s supremacy and fail to see
the consequences brought by his act in our country.

The fact that we still have an unequal distribution of wealth and resources
is undeniable in this country. With no reasonable doubt, it is crystal
clear that white skin is a passport to privileges just like before. Yes the
independence was won physically but mentally Africans still need a century
to emancipate themselves from mental slavery which l am not sure will be
achieved. The seed of racial supremacy which was sown long back ,
germinated and grew over the past year’s can be tough to get rid of.

In this article I think it’s worth to mention that we the blacks must
initiate the process of “levelling the ground” in as far as bringing
equality to the system of privileges is concerned. Like a race in which
favouratism was practised,it seems to be impossible to win but the blacks
had the pottential to firmly stand the ground and reclaim their original
place on this planet earth.

One must not to overlook that whites invested limited value in the lives of
the blacks. Their ideology is cemented along the capitalist line of
thinking which among others opt for the society divided into classes
reaping different privileges. Due to this ideology and imperialist
ideas,blacks remains less privileged in this rainbow nation.

Considering capitalism over communism is to undermine the will of the
majority,special the poor and the working class. I should never be judged
as a communist,but it is very clear that the capitalist ideology rules on
the interest of the minority special the riches. This is the will of the
minority forcibly on the majority.

It is a fact that even those in power despite being blacks but they are in
favour of whites. And whosoever dines this,knows the truth. And I am of a
strong belief that the ideas of Stephen Biko (black consciousness) was
never achieved.

Where is self reliance that Biko believed in? We need a generation that
will carry on the ideas of Biko,and do away with depending on the whites.
Black color up to today it is considered devils favourite hence our skin is
regarded inferior undermining and hiding the scientific discovery that
black pigmentation is a melanin to prevent us from direct Sun rays.

I wish every white person who thinks that race isn’t such a big issue we’re
all just human, could one day walk around as a black person for a day in a
predominantly white area.

Enough is Enough.

By Arthur Moyana

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