Congress of the People is disturbed at how Hlaudi Motsoeneng is abusing the public broadcaster. Not even the President can do what Haludi Motsoeneng did with the SABC: he caused the shifting of scheduled programmes to cover him. He has made the SABC his own personal propaganda machine to attack people and especially so the Public Protector who found against him. He also has the audacity to have a rent-a-crowd in front of the court with convicted poo thrower Andile Lili of Ses’khona movement coming all the way from Cape Town to give him support.

Hlaudi’s speech outside the Supreme Court of Appeal on Friday afternoon was frankly and utterly embarrassing. Apart from extolling his virtues and capabilities to the skies, he was unable to address the matter before the court in a coherent and intelligent manner. He praised himself as a “born intellectual” and asserted that people at the SABC were “running after” him because he was the only person who “knows better” than anyone else. In his view anyone who is “normal will appoint Hlaudi”.

It made us at COPE cringe. This is what comes from selecting people who do not have impressive academic qualifications and who are too full of themselves.

Minister Yunus Carrim had agreed to implement the Public Protector’s recommendation on Hlaudi Motsoeneng. However, this did not suit President Zuma and so Carrim was dumped in favour of Faith Muthambi who did as she was ordered from above without any questions asked. What Baba wanted is what she dutifully delivered.

The Supreme Court of Appeal struggled with why the matter was before it because in its view the Western Cape High Court had already given a judgment and that was sufficient.

While the SCA has reserved judgment, its decision when it is made will help to clarify what happens to the recommendations of the Public Protector.

Hlaudi Motsoeneng and President Zuma are quite determined to render the Public Protector’s recommendations futile because they think they are above the law. COPE will not keep quiet when wrong is done by people in power.

Issued by Dennis Bloem on behalf of COPE

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