ANCThe African National Congress has noted the story in the Mail & Guardian published 20 November 2015 entitled “Zuma conspired with Cape Gangsters to oust DA”. The story is a rehash of accusations that had been made by the DA in the Western Cape in 2012 and miraculously resurfaces today as breaking news on the front page of the DA pamphlet, the Mail & Guardian. The allegations are today, as they were then, slanderous and baseless. They are intended to decampaign the African National Congress in the Western Cape ahead of the 2016 Local Government Elections. Clearly the DA is panicked by the inroads being made by the ANC to reclaim the Western Cape and the City of Cape Town in particular.

Together, with their friends in the liberal media, they will stop at nothing to discredit the ANC in the eyes of the public.

The Mail & Guardian, for its part, once again fails the most basic tenant of the Press Code – independently verifying information before publishing. We should however not be surprised as the Mail & Guardian has firmly nailed its flag to the DA mast and publicly adopted a stance to oppose the ANC as evidenced by the paper`s call for voters to dilute the support the ANC enjoys amongst the people in the last election. The ANC remains undeterred by feeble efforts such as these intended to defocus our people away from the failures of the DA government and its dismal record of service delivery to the poor; particularly African and Coloured communities. No amount of slander and smear will detract us from the objective of working together with the people of the Western Cape to liberate them from a racist and exclusionary government.

Issued by ANC

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  1. Anc is dead and the smell of your rotting carrion carries far and wide. Stop lying to us that you are making inroads. Nobody has faith in you anymore and never ever will.
    Dees Moodley


  2. Provided IEC is not infected with “cadre” with an agenda we will let the ballot boxes make the final decision shall we?



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