Cope LogoThe whole of South Africa knows that President Zuma loves the ANC above all else. If that is the case, he must say to COSATU and the SACP, give 100% endorsement to the NDP or leave. He cannot have in government those who do not support the NDP. Our economy is continuing to shed jobs and young people face a bleak future because of the increasing scarcity of opportunity. There is no time to temporise.

President Zuma must confront his SACP and COSATU colleagues with a stark choice: express unambiguous and total support for the NDP or leave government. He cannot preside over a divided house in respect of the economy. He solemnly promised that 2011 was going to be the year of jobs. That did not happen then and has not happened for five full years since then. Now, as the inflation is rising and interest rates are climbing, he has to put the economic wellbeing of the people above everything else in spite of his great love for the ANC. The time has come to pull out all the stops and let the NDP infuse every sphere of South African life.

The government needs to implement the NDP in its totality. That is how it can convince the private sector of its total commitment to it. Nothing and nobody should stand in the way of the NDP. COPE has consistently given the NDP unreserved support. Other parties have also expressed their support. The time has certainly come to build a national consensus around the NDP. Our view is that refinement and newer calibrations of the NDP can take place in the course of its implementation.

Those who do not want to support the NDP can become its critics. We, the proponents of the NDP, must show its value in resurrecting the economy, creating jobs and improving the lives of South Africans.

It is wrong to allow the economy to remain so stagnant when a credible plan is immediately available. If President Zuma loves the ANC as much as he is making out, he must be ready to part ways with SACP & COSATU if they are unwilling to give 100% support to the NDP. Government has to implement the NDP without resistance. We must all own the plan and work to make it succeed.

Issued by Dennis Bloem, Cope spokesperson

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