ANC Congratulates the miners shot down documentary – ANC

ANCThe African National Congress congratulates the South African produced and directed, Miners Shot Down Documentary for winning an Emmy Award for Best Documentary at the International Emmy Awards held in New York yesterday, 23 November 2015.

The documentary tells of the tragic story of the 44 of our people who died in Marikana in August 2012. As we congratulate and celebrate this historic victory, the ANC encourages South African voices to continue telling the story of South Africa, as difficult as some episodes of it may be and with all its trials and tribulations.

It is our strong belief that the Arts, and the Film industry in particular, is an important voice in the definition of a South African narrative by South Africans themselves. This is a key component of building a united nation, learning from its past and charting an even more progressive future characterised by social cohesion and inclusion. We also acknowledge the very important strides this sector is making as an emerging giant in economic development.

The ANC extends its compliments to all cast members of the Documentary for their hard work and determination which resulted to this achievement. We are looking forward to many more achievements of this nature which, we believe, will positively address our socio-economic demands.

Issued by ANC

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