Mosiuoa Lekota
The Congress of the People rejects Julius Malema’s immature and uninformed claim that our late President Nelson Mandela sold out the struggle of the people and of South Africa; and that he deviated from the Freedom Charter.

Firstly, Mandela reconciled Black and White in our country and guided us away from what could so easily have turned into a massive bloodbath in our country.

Secondly, Mandela ensured that infrastructure, so essential to our economy, remained intact and undestroyed so that the platform existed for the economy to expand to accommodate the nation at large.

That the present Government is failing dismally to take the country into the future is not Nelson Mandela’s fault by any stretch of the imagination.

Thirdly, the nationalisation that Mr Malema is talking about was tried by socialist countries as well as many African countries. All of them failed dismally.

Fourthly, Mandela led democratically and the decisions that were taken in 1994 and subsequently came from a collective where debate flourished.

COPE therefore roundly rejects Malema’s attack on Nelson Mandela. It is immature as well as uninformed.

Mosiuoa Lekota
COPE President

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  1. Who was president during the arms deal? Wake up South Africa!
    Dees Moodley



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