Did Dudu Myeni have any role to play in Nene’s axing? – COPE


Congress of the People is shocked at Nene’s axing at this most critical juncture in South Africa’s economic set back and difficulties.

Was this an act of vengeance on the part of Zuma because of Nene’s insistence that SAA lease the aircraft as per prior arrangement? Did Dudu Myeni have any role to play in his axing? How big a role did his crossing of swords with Myeni play in this firing of the minister? With Zuma, country never comes first. We entertain huge suspicion on this matter.

Ideally, it is President Zuma who should have been axed by the ruling party. His going will end the national drift and the policy paralysis that is crippling the economy. He stands between South Africa and economic growth. He has certainly overstayed his welcome and it is he who should go.

Out of the blue, comes this announcement of Nene which will make the jittery market even more dubious about South Africa’s prospects of shifting economic gears and holding spending. Whatever the reason, Zuma has played his worst card ever.

If South Africans were blasé up to now, they should wake up to the fact that our government and our economy is in the very worst of hands. Nene must have been under immense pressure not to apply the fiscal brakes.

Even while he was minister, COPE was expressing serious misgivings about our economy. Now we are extremely alarmed that a backbencher is taking over the most taxing job in South Africa. Instead of the country’s finances being in the hands of someone who can inspire confidence, Zuma has shocked the nation with his new appointment. Surely he should offer a rationale for what looks like a bad decision.

If Zuma is looking for a malleable minister, then the end game is nigh.

Issued by Dennis Bloem, Cope spokesperson

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