The EFF rejects Jacob Zuma’s announcement that they will be entering talks with those affected by the Marikana Massacre on how best the state can compensate them as an empty public stunt. The presidency, which includes the mass murderer Ramaphosa, is doing this for the second time, where they announce to the media something they have not spoken to workers or the families about. This is despite the fact that the presidency has challenged and rejected the court bid by the workers and families to have the state compensate them for the massacre.

The government filed papers where it continued to blame the workers for the massacre despite the Commission’s findings of pure police brutality. The presidency even claimed in the court papers that workers must not be compensated as they were under the influence of muti.

The recent announcement is another public stunt leaving workers confused, together with all who have been violently bereaved by the massacre. In fact, the presidency is subjecting them to multiple emotional massacres because in September when it issued a similar statement, the workers told them that they should communicate with their legal representatives. However, for the second time, the presidency chooses to use the media without any communication with the workers.

The ANC murderous government cannot be trusted because it rewards murderous politicians who participated in the massacre with cabinet posts. Nothing they do is genuine and sensitive to the loss. There is absolutely no distinction between them and the apartheid regime that killed people in Sharpeville. Until compensation is done, no one, including the workers must trust or believe the ANC government.



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