Is President Jacob Zuma really to blame for his lack of foresight? No – Sefu Sekgala


Is President Jacob Zuma really to blame for his lack of foresight? I don’t think so.


Who really engineered chaos in South Africa? Who propelled Mr. Jacob Zuma to be No. 1?


I have three categories of this People:


  1. The good guys, with good hearts.

Nelson Mandela and the ANC elders thought it was OK for Jacob Zuma to be accommodated in the ANC’s top leadership. The man became Thabo Mbeki’s deputy. He was rewarded for being a good cadre, for attending all ANC meetings, for playing a part in the struggle. Surely the good guys knew that Mr. Jacob Zuma had fundamental flaws and could not possibly lead the country.

2. Thabo Mbeki’s key Haters and Enemies.

Cyril Ramaphosa, Tokyo Sexwale and Mathews Phosa are rumored to be the key figures who engineered or agitated for the removal of Thabo Mbeki. After all, this is the man who accused them of plotting to topple him. They finally did topple him. Will Cyril Ramaphosa get the reward for his hard work finally? Will he finally get to taste the fruits of having toppled one of the greatest leaders of our time. The only ANC President who managed to get 2/3 majority for ANC.

3. The Anti-Mbeki alliance.

Though this alliance is no more, it has caused a lot of damage to our country. The main players in the alliance were Julius Malema, Zwelinzima Vavi and Blade Nzimande.


These individuals humiliated one of the greatest sons of our soil. They called him names. They made sure that Thabo Mbeki was removed from the Presidency. Gwede Mantashe and Kgalema Montlanthe were the silent partners in this group.


These individuals took us back to the stone ages, they have helped reverse all the gains of our hard worn democracy. We no longer value our gains because we have not appreciated our gains.

4. The Morons.

The Morons didn’t really contribute in diverting us to this chaotic situation. The morons understood the vision, they knew the mission and they took corrective action to stay on the cause as far as the vision and the mission are concerned. These are Mbhazima Shilowa and Mosiuoa Lekota.


The two failed to conceptualize what it would take to achieve the Vision. The promise of power and money diverted their minds from the original mission.


They could not rap their minds around what sacrifices would have to be made to achieve the vision. They took the easy route.


We are where we are partly because of this Morons.

5. The scavengers.

Here there is no need to mention names. These people have surrounded Jacob Zuma. They will do anything to ensure he even goes for the third term as ANC President.


These lot misunderstood, misinterpreted and missed the point when it came to Thabo Mbeki’s Presidency.


Their concept is that; you are only in government to eat. They saw the removal of Thabo Mbeki as justified because he ate.


These individuals careless about South Africa, they are only worried about their pockets.


The scavengers are in control of ANC.


For this reason, President Jacob Zuma will never be recalled.

The scavengers must eat and finish, then President Jacob Zuma can go.


By Sefu Sekgala




3 thoughts on “Is President Jacob Zuma really to blame for his lack of foresight? No – Sefu Sekgala”

  1. I agree with what u said mainly bcos of the humour it brings. U only miss one point, and didn’t get 2/3 because of mbeki. The timing was just right. I totally disagree with u there. It was early politics still excited from Mandela rule. Julius /eff swayed the votes in this elections, if he was still the anc member anc wuld still have got 2/3ds. Think clearly.

    But I like your homorous analogy


  2. No Julius Malema came very late, it was ANYL under Mbalula that played a pivotal role in toppling Mbeki. The first time that Malema opened his mouth about Zuma was in Thaba saying they will kill for Zuma.


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