President Jacob Zuma demonstrated bold leadership; brought certainty and assurance in the finance portfolio – ANC NWC

ANCOutcomes of National Working Committee Meeting Held on the 14th December 2015

The African National Congress held an extended National Working Committee (NWC) meeting yesterday, 14 December 2015. The meeting was attended by the members of the NWC and available NEC members, National Officials of the Leagues and the Chairpersons and Secretaries of ANC Provincial Structures. The meeting was called to assess the organisation’s state of readiness for the 104th Anniversary celebrations to be held in Rustenburg on the 9th January 2016. It was further intended to receive a report from the National Officials on matters relating to the appointment of the Minister of Finance by the President of the Republic of South Africa, Comrade Jacob Zuma.

The NWC has satisfied itself, from the detailed report received, that preparations for the January 8 celebrations are at an advanced stage. We are confident of a successful rally that will outline the tasks for the organisation in the year ahead.

The National Officials briefed the meeting of the interactions they had led with various stakeholders, including amongst them the Alliance partners (SACP, COSATU and SANCO), business, organised labour and civil society formations, on the appointment of the Minister of Finance following the reshuffle and expected redeployed of Comrade Nhlanhla Nene. These engagements were precipitated by the expressed public concern, which followed the redeployment of Cde Nene and the appointment of Cde Des Van Rooyen as Finance Minister.

As has now become common knowledge, the President of the Republic has reconsidered his decision and appointed a seasoned and experienced leader, Comrade Pravin Gordhan as Minister of Finance. The President’s willingness to change an earlier deployment in the face of our sluggish economic climate and representations from role-players demonstrated bold leadership; bringing certainty and assurance in the finance portfolio. The thorough engagement that was held with the various stakeholders and the ability of the leadership to review their positions in the face of legitimate concerns of our people are the hallmarks of a listening, responsive and accountable organisation. Such open, frank and productive engagement has been characteristic of the ANC and the Government under the leadership of Comrade Jacob Zuma.

The policy of the African National Congress is one of ensuring sound fiscal management and we will adhere to our position of good governance being non-negotiable. Deployees in government and the state owned enterprises must understand the sacrosanct nature of stringent management of resources. The ANC supports Comrade Pravin Gordhan’s view that the decisions taken by Comrade Nhlanhla Nene, during his tenure as Minister of Finance, in relation to the state owned enterprises and other expenditure remain in force. We reaffirm our commitment to redoubling of efforts to enhance transparency, fight corruption and strengthen the resilience of our economy. Given the prevailing economic climate, we appreciate the sentiment expressed by the Minister of Finance that there will be no reduction of spending on pro-poor programmes. We further accept that there shall be no additional expenditure unless there is additional revenue which is sourced.

The extended National Working Committee has accepted the report of the National Officials. The NWC has further committed itself to work even harder towards the realisation of a social compact with all social partners and spare no effort in building a growing and inclusive economy that creates jobs for our people.

We call on all South Africans and other role players to give the necessary support to Minister Pravin Gordhan in the challenges he faces and the daunting task of restoring public and investor confidence.

Issued by ANC

2 thoughts on “President Jacob Zuma demonstrated bold leadership; brought certainty and assurance in the finance portfolio – ANC NWC”

  1. This is classic ANC “newspeak” for:

    “The driver of the taxi was driving recklessly and had an huge accident, however, because not ALL the passengers where killed we consider the final outcome to be positive in the end and we have decided that he can drive again in the morning.”


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