#Zumamustfall and ANC must rise – Sefu Sekgala

Sefu2If ANC does listen to the ‪#‎Zumamustfall Movement, the #Zumamustfall movement would have saved ANC from collapse.

A section of South Africa would have done ANC a big favor. The ANC intelligence must realize that #Zumamustfall movement is an extension of ANC.

My advice to the ANC is listen to #Zumamustfall movement, encourage them to even join ANC. Call them to Lethuli house and hail them as heroes, pat them in the back and burry the entire opposition parties.

The #Zumamustfall movement is not an Anti-ANC movement, is a pro-ANC movement. They are requesting ANC to sort itself out in time for local elections.

The most dangerous mistake ANC can do is to ignore this section of the country.

ANC has nothing to lose by letting Jacob Zuma go, ANC members want him to go, ANC leaders want him to go, they just can’t say because of some ANC culture and maybe fear of victimization.

Fire Jacob Zuma and put a President with really good spin doctors. Oh yeh, ANC has once again listened to the people.

ANC cares, ANC belongs to all, Black and White, Rich and Poor, Gay and Straight, Woman and Man.

ANC believes that opinions of all South Africans matter. ANC is a home to all South Africans.

#Zumamustfall ANC must rise……..


By Sefu Sekgala


3 thoughts on “#Zumamustfall and ANC must rise – Sefu Sekgala”

  1. ANC of the people,BY THE PEOPLE,FoR THE PeOplE!ANC listern to you people because uyou are there because of the people nott because of mr Zuma


  2. A very one sided article and offers no wisdom at all to your so called ANC Intelligence…after 22yrs in a democracy you’re still calling for one party state! What the hell are you saying exactly? According to your intelligence all the people in #ZumaMustFall march are ANC supporters…come on man and wake up from your damn sleep. What trash!


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