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Abathembu king, Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo, used up all possible legal avenues at his disposal to show his innocence and stay out of jail.

In spite of his being the king of the Abathembu people, he has respected the law of the country. He spent last night behind bars.

Congress of the People reminds President Zuma that nobody is above the law. If the king can go to jail for his transgression, so must any other important personage in the land who committed a crime and is found guilty in court.

COPE calls on President Zuma to stop manipulating and damaging the criminal-justice system to avoid having his day in court. He must answer all of the 700 charges he has tried to wriggle out of through abuse of power and the willing collusion of the whole of the ANC, SACP and COSATU.

His unwillingness to face prosecution in open court is an admission of guilt by fearful and manipulative behaviour.

He must also stop abusing the taxpayers of our country by running up legal expenses which he does not have to pay from his pocket.

The tripartite alliance must urge President Zuma to face prosecution because his unending manipulation is damaging to the reputation of our country and it brings the tripartite alliance into serious disrepute.

Everyone must be equal before the law and the tripartite alliance must demonstrate this belief through action.

President Zuma will not evade justice for ever. The long arm of the law will clutch him in the end.

Issued by Dennis Bloem, COPE spokesperson


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