Ray Hartley and Ranjeni Munsami peddles misinformation about Thabo Mbeki – Siyabulela Mbandezi

Thabo M MbekiSo misinformation peddlers like Ray Hartley and Ranjeni Munusami want us to believe that Thabo Mbeki is paranoid and intolerant of dissent.

We know leaders who are paranoid and intolerant of dissent. Eduardo Dos Santos got 15 journalists charged with treason for merely having a meeting, Jacob Zuma dissolved the NEC of the ANCYL and Hellen Zille stopped the WC government’s subscriptions of independent media newspapers and pulled advertising because they are critical of her government.

Ray and Ranjeni cannot point out a single journalist that Mbeki ordered to be jailed, he never dissolved the Mbalula’s NEC even though they even insulted him publicly and the Sunday Times, which Ray Hartley was editor at some point, always got the lion’s share of government advertising during Mbeki’s tenure as president, even though they were critical of him.

I wish that future generations of journalists judge these people harshly for not respecting their profession and tarnishing its imagine like this.

By Siyabulela Mbandezi

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