Anchen Dreyer within her rights to take a pic with Paul Kruger – DA

AnchenDreyerKrugerANC official’s desperation reaches new low

The statement today from the Spokesperson for the ANC Chief Whip, Moloto Mothapo, relating to DA MP, Anchen Dreyer, represents the growing desperation of the ruling party to divide South Africans along racial lines.

South Africa has a rich and complex history, which cannot be wished away. Rather, the injustices of the past must be recognised and learnt from. And those who violated the rights of our fellow South Africans must be remembered for that crime too.

The project of reconciliation cannot be achieved therefore by a historical McCarthyism. Our difficult and painful history is part of the journey that brought our country to this point.

The ANC has clearly given up on this important project, determined to dictate how history should be remembered. This is because they continue to lose electoral support rapidly, and are clutching at every straw to once again gain relevance in the lives of the millions of South Africans they have let down.

It is recommended that this ANC official desist from these gimmicks, and rather assist his principal in running Parliament in a way that ensures that the voices and interests of all South Africans are heard, and that the Executive is held to account.

The DA stands firmly against all forms of discrimination, be it racism, sexism, xenophobia or homophobia. We are a party that believes in One Nation with One Future. This is South Africa which we will proudly continue to work towards.

Issued by DA

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