DAThe DA notes the ANC Youth League’s planned march to the DA head offices, and acknowledges and respects the ANCYL’s constitutionally enshrined right to do so.

However, the march must be seen for what it is – a weak and thoughtless election ploy- aimed at giving the ANCYL some much needed media attention before the Local Government Election this year.

This is a yet another attempt by the ruling party to continue driving a wedge between South Africans along racial lines.

The DA has been swift and equitable in dealing with any instances of racism within the party.  The ANC, on the other hand, has been deplorable by protecting its members who have spewed racist and derogatory sentiments. Chief among them is ANC MP, Bongani Mkongi.

While the DA is attempting to bring people together across the colour line on the basis of shared values, the ANC is hell-bent on fuelling racism ahead of a Local Government Election it is petrified of losing.

We hope that the ANCYL uses this opportunity to explain to South Africa what it plans to do about serious accusations of sexual harassment which has been levelled against ANCYL President, Collen Maine. Sexism, like racism, has no place in our democratic society.

The DA remains committed to building a free and fair South Africa. Racists will never be welcome in the DA. We will continue to fight for freedom, fairness and opportunity for all South Africans. And we will continue to do this, despite the nonsensical and misguided election ploys of the ANC.

Issued by DA


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