IFP Produces Evidence Of ANC Using State Vehicles To Campaign – IFP

IFPThe Inkatha Freedom Party expresses serious concern after acquiring evidence of the ANC using municipal vehicles to campaign in the recent by-elections.

“During the by-election in Ward 10 at Indaka Local Municipality on Wednesday, 20th January 2016 in the Sahlumbe area, three vehicles, two from Emnambithi/ Ladysmith Municipality and one from Uthukela District Municipality respectively where witnessed having ANC posters on them and transporting voters to and from voting stations. The two vehicles from Emnambithi(NKR 36159 and NKR 36171) were clearly marked with ANC posters and the Sedan from uThukela (NKR 46376) was also seen transporting voters. On closer inspection it was discovered that the municipal logos were removed from the Emnambithi vehicles. At this point in time we are uncertain of how many more municipal vehicles and other state resources that the ANC had used in its failed by-election campaign,” said IFP National Chairman Hon Blessed Gwala MPL.

“This continued abuse of state resources is a contravention of the Electoral Code. In addition the National Treasury has seen fit to issue a circular warning that public funds must not be used for campaigning. In spite of this ruling, the ANC blatantly continues to use state resources for party-political purposes in its desperate attempt to win elections.
Even though the IFP defeated the ANC in the recent by-elections, winning two out of three wards, we want to draw public attention to the fraudulent tactics that the ANC resorts to. We have photographic evidence of these vehicles clearly showing their registration numbers and we will provide this evidence to the IEC to take action against those responsible. The IEC needs to act swiftly and decisively to put an end to such dishonest practices if we hope to achieve a credible outcome in the forthcoming Local Government Elections.

We want to remind the KZN provincial government that we had lodged a complaint when we found a vehicle from the Premier’s office delivering food parcels in September last year during the by-election in Ward 13 in Ulundi which the IFP won. To this day neither the Premier’s Office nor the MEC for COGTA have responded to our complaint. This recent incident is an opportunity for the CEO of the IEC, Mr Mosotho Moepya to demonstrate that he is serious about conducting free and fair elections and that the IEC is not controlled by the ANC,” concluded Hon Gwala.

Issued by IFP

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