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The unhealthy tension between the minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan and SARS Commissioner, Mr Tom Moyane is very bad news for the country and the institution itself.

Congress of the People is not surprised that disputes in government somehow link in some way to President Zuma. It is common knowledge that Moyane and Zuma were close from their days of exile. At present the Commissioner has a direct hotline to the president. As such, he would have in all likelihood been in touch with the President and the line of action he is pursuing would suggest that he has support from the president.

The Commissioner to all intent and purposes does not want to recognise that the minister is his boss. He is unwilling to have Gordhan as his political head. Surely he cannot be a law unto himself and refuse to be unaccountable to the head of his department. He is obliged to report to the minister. Unfortunately, he must accept the fact that he is not accountable to the President.

Moyane cannot choose to be accountable to the President but not the minister. What is happening shows how pathetic President Zuma is in leading government. His influence on leaders of institutions is unfortunately ruining institution after institution.

On the other hand, COPE is baffled why Minister Gordhan does not want to release the KPMG report which supposedly implicates him in respect of the SARS rogue unit. The release of this report is long overdue. It is in the interest of transparency that the report is made public.

While the report remains secret the public will be left wondering about what is so explosive in the report that it should remain concealed. Anyway, the Sunday Times is in possession of that report.

COPE calls upon the Minister to stamp his constitutional authority on the commissioner and to safeguard the reputation of SARS. At the same time he should release the KPMG report immediately and put that matter to bed.

Issued by Dennis Bloem, COPE spokesperson


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