DA pays R100 per person to attend their march – ANC

ANCThe African National Congress is shocked on how desperate and low the DA has stooped to score hollow political points, by abusing our people who are enticed to marches for a mere R100. The DA in pursuit of its racist agenda it chose to take advantage of the poverty confronting our people by using them as pawns to further the interests of white minority who were not even visible in their march.

While we respect the freedom of association and protest, we view the DA stunt as an insult to democracy when they use unemployed black faces to mask their racist agenda. This conduct continues to confirm that the DA with its rented black so called ‘leaders’ continues to be a home of racism that thrives on abusing black people in protecting white capital.

We call on our people to take a stand of not being used by racists masquerading as democratic formations.

Issued by ANC

One thought on “DA pays R100 per person to attend their march – ANC”

  1. The ANC needs to apologise for and withdraw this press release which is untruthful, misleading and malicious. The reporter who broke the story, Thulasizwe Simelane, has confirmed that a handful of street traders who lost their prime spots for a few hours during the demonstration where compensated on the spot with R100 by the DA organisers for their loss of trading during the demo. That’s it. No body handed out 20,000 X R100 bank notes to people who attended the demo! The fact that the ANC even posted this release shows the level of desperation they are now sinking to.


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