Zuma shouldn’t get to keep his job, while South Africans lose theirs – DA

DAYesterday, DA Leader, Mmusi Maimane MP, led a successful March for Jobs joined by more than 20000 people. Instead of heeding this call that reverberated throughout the Johannesburg CBD and listening to the plight of 8.4 million unemployed South Africans; ANC Secretary-General, Gwede Mantashe, unsurprisingly berated the march and tried to absolve the ANC from any responsibility for the high unemployment rate.

If the ANC was in any way serious about creating jobs and growing the economy, they would have hauled President Zuma before an internal inquiry into his disastrous mismanagement of the nation’s economy a long time ago. Such a probe would do well to interrogate why President Zuma should keep his job while so many South Africans are losing theirs.

Indeed, the ANC NEC’s “assurance” that job creation is a priority simply cannot be taken seriously when more than 1.8 million people have become unemployed since President Zuma came to office.

The truth is that the Zuma administration is at the heart of the unemployment crisis. Because for President Zuma there are no plans for the economy; just plans for him to keep his own job at all costs. That is why he gave no thought to the 8.4 million unemployed South Africans when he fired the Minister of Finance, Nhlanhla Nene last month.

The DA will continue to be the voice of these unemployed South Africans. We can no longer allow our fellow countrymen and women to be treated like pawns in President Zuma’s chess game.

This is why the DA has a plan for Economic Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity. This 5-point Jobs Plan entails:

  1. Providing policy direction and coherence on the economy;
  2. Managing public money better;
  3. Increasing investment and savings;
  4. Supporting redress measures to broaden participation in the economy; and
  5. Boosting trade with other countries, especially our African neighbours, so that businesses can grow and create jobs.

South Africans deserve the dignity that a job will bring. We marched for this cause yesterday, and we will continue to fight for it every day to come. This is the only way we will deliver real freedom for all.

Issued by DA

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