The EFF once more registers that Minister Zwane has again offered evidence that we live in the Gupta Republic of South Africa. In his recent international trip, Minister Zwane formed part of the Gupta delegation of the Tegeta Exploration and Resources to visit Glencore in Switzerland and negotiate the purchase of Optimum Colliery.

The EFF is not shocked because it is the only political party that warned about the appointment of Zwane into the Mineral Resources Department as a capture of the department by the Gupta family. Zwane is nothing but a stooge of the Gupta family which he has served for many years; from facilitating their landing at the Waterkooof Airforce Base for a wedding at Sun City in 2013, to introducing a R570 million dairy project in which a Gupta-linked company was involved and set to benefit whilst serving as MEC of Agriculture in the Free State Province.

Zwane is now travelling the world, using taxpayers money, to secure the business interests of the Guptas with a criminal company called Glencore. Glencore is known for manipulating accounting practices to erode the tax base of African countries. It is also well-known for breaking international law in pursuit of profits by trading with illegitimate governments like apartheid and other despotic regimes despite UN embargoes. Its crimes even extend to environmental degradation in Latin America and a direct refusal to have women in its higher management positions by claiming that women are incapable of senior business leadership.

Zwane’s appointment has nothing to do with the collective and developmental interests of the people of South Africa. He serves the at the pleasure of the Guptas and will do so to the end. The EFF calls on an his immediate removal from cabinet to save the country’s minerals sector from being completely collapsed and compromised by the corruption of the Guptas.

Zwane is in breach of the Executive Members Ethics Act 22 of 1998 in that he is using his position to improperly benefit another persons. Section 2(b)(iv) and (v) prohibits Cabinet members, “From using their position or any information entrusted to them to enrich themselves or improperly benefit any other persons.” Finally, we call on the Public Protector to investigate Zwane and ensure that he is brought to book.


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