Gareth Cliff publicly defends Penny Sparrow’s right to call us Monkeys! (Fact:That’s what happened!) We smile and shuffle along like real monkeys, we meet him in the streets and sheepishly smile like the fools we are and ask for his autograph.

M-Net, which has a few black people at the helm, tries to show some balls, takes him on, He balks, with his white superiority complex, knowing very well that he will win. He dares us to stand up to him, picks a black lawyer, and in one of the many mistakes that we make, we defend the black lawyer’s right to defend a white South African who defended a white woman who called us monkeys! There is definately something wrong with us as a race.

But you see, Gareth knows the truth that every white person in South Africa knows; Blacks are not united, they will be divided on every stupid issue that you throw at them, even defending a white man who defended a white woman’s right to call us monkeys, Freedom of speech, he called it. We live in a jungle.

The Black lawyer walks triumphantly to court, with his white client, and talks about a technicality, that M-Net had in fact promised Gareth a contract. Whether Gareth is a racist or not is immaterial, he was promised a contract, period. Amazingly, the first thing that happens in court, the Black lawyer stands up and asks everyone to agree that Gareth is not a Racist! And everyone, including the judge, agrees that Gareth is not racist!

How the fuck do we know that he is not racist? We did not grow up in the house that he grew up in, we did not go to school with him, We are never there in his private conversation with his white friends and white colleagues. How can we know that he is not.

In fact, Biko says all whites are inherently racist! And I agree with him! Gareth defended a white woman’s right to call us monkeys! What more evidence do we need?

We are cowards, that’s what.

During the apartheid years the white government introduced something called COMMON PURPOSE. If you found yourself in the company of people who killed, you were equally liable. WHat more if you find yourself defending a white woman’s right to call us Monkeys. What are you saying? What do you think about us?

He and his lawyer thump us on the nose, bloody our noses and rub them on the sand. We smile, we shuffle, we get up we tune on to M-Net’s Idols. Gareth Cliff will be shoved up our noses and faces every single day that Idols is on, and some of us will remember that he stood up, out of all the whites in South Africa, and defended a white woman’s right to call us Monkeys. (Images of Steve Hofmeyer flash in my mind, at least he is honest).

But you see, Gareth will go back to the Idols judging panel and sit on his chair, and we will welcome him with open arms, and forget that he defended a white woman’s right to call us monkeys, we will smile sheepishly and ask to take selfies with him (Hugh Masekela refuses to take pictures with women who have weaves) that’s the kind of resolve we need as Black people, if you disagree with something you ought to stand up and fight and express yourself in the strongest possible terms. We have become a celebrity society… We have forgotten our blackness and things that matter to us.

Millions of us are going to vote on Idols and watch as Gareth goes through his motions. He will, privately continue to express whatever sentiments he harbours, the very same sentiments that made him defend a white woman’s right to call us monkeys.

We should not forget that other progressive whites chose not only to distance themselves from Penny Sparrow, but had some harsh words for her and people like her, but Gareth chose to defend her right to call us monkeys.

History one day will stand up and say; Enough is Enough, Black people, at some point, will have to stand up and defend their right to be called human beings, maybe even, will have to fight, and be prepared to die, to defend their right to be treated as human beings.

But first, they will have to understand that they have a right to stand up and fight. It is called Psychological freedom, We talked about it in the 70’s and it is still not here.

Black Man you are on your own, you have nothing to lose but the chains of your (mental) slavery!!!!


By Duma Ndlovu

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  1. One day they will get what’s coming to them, mark my words.


  2. Penny Sparrow exercised her freedom of speech indeed.tatu Duma Ndlovu hav u thought of the reason she labelled us monkeys? most of us blacks careless of our surroundings and the sooner we care, the better for the future of this country. We have to learn to b responsible, if u ve ever been to the beach or the road used by us blacks and with a conscious mind then u would agree with Penny Sparrow. We act animal like ever since we were freed from the white rule….


  3. There are times when I think there should be a law in this country that everybody should shag everybody untill we are all the same colour.


  4. I find it racism when a black man says whites stole the land. Anyone that knows even a little history knows this is not true. Black people were settlers who took by force the land from Bushmen in Natal at about the same time that white settlers grabbed land from San people in the Western Cape.

    Both are colonialist land grabbers.

    More than that, white people went to the Zulu King to request some land and Dingaan murdered them in cold blood. That was a declaration of war after which it was territory taken according to the ancient Right of Conquest, which is ecacctly what King Shaka also did.

    There will be harmony in South Africa when all people know this and stop lying about what they all know to be untrue. That applies to all
    Leaders and would-be leaders, as well as people writing to the Press who should check before they say anything.

    Do not call me racist because I am not. I just hate lies and the lieing spirit that takes over people.

    But yes, do not call humans monkeys neither sing ‘Kill the Boer’. That is hateful.

    I thought I might vote DA to help get some change of government, but now I shall not because the top leadership in the DA seems to be as racist as any in the ANC.

    My vote goes to Prince Gatsha Buthelezi who, as long as I have followed him, has never sunk to that level.



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