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Congress of the People is alarmed at the war talk emanating from the ANC. On Sunday evening Colin Maine threatened civil war if the EFF continued with its action against President Zuma. Such war talk from a political leader is inflammatory and dangerous.

While Colin Maine was all aggro Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, speaking at the Old Peter Mokaba stadium in Polokwane was trying his best to placate fed up voters by undertaking not to play Zama Zama with the lives of South Africans. The thing is that that is exactly what the ruling party has been doing. It is a giant lottery. Factionalists who win the slate, hit the jackpot. The Premier League is busy capturing the state and draining resources away from the people. Deputy President Ramaphosa cannot do a thing. He is powerless.

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa is observing first-hand the extent to which “slate politics, vote buying and gate keeping” have contaminated politics and disadvantaged ordinary people. ANC politics is slate politics.

Prof Somadoda Fikeni made a telling point on Interface on Sunday night. South African politics, in the main, is personality politics. It is no longer about citizen activism and issues of the people. At Polokwane in 2008, factionalists elevated Zuma to top spot and most of those who raised him up joined him in feasting at the trough. They won the Zama Zama. For them President Zuma can do no wrong. He has become the dispenser of gifts on a scale never before seen in South Africa.

The ANC of today is a self-feeding creature. It is not the liberation organisation of former times. Professor Fikeni believes that South Africans will have to resort to civil society activism to make gains. At present self-serving politicians have captured the ruling party and through that capture are now seeking to capture the state and the National Treasury. Business tycoons have also got in on the act and those who captured the President, Premiers and Mayors are also milking it as everyone can see.

The solution lies in what COPE did. The election of party president and top officials must be the function of the entire party. Every member of COPE will be involved, through electronic voting, in the election of top officials in three years’ time. That will be the death of slate politics.

Furthermore, voters in each ward should prevent politicians from seizing the ward for their own greedy aim. Every ward should adopt a strategy to keep power and enforce 100% accountability. If power is surrendered as it has been in the past, service delivery will deteriorate even further. Ward activism must unite communities so that such communities can get the best deal possible.

The ruling party offers civil war through Colin Maine and in spite of what Deputy President Ramaphosa says, it will play Zama Zama and Zuma Zuma with an increasingly frustrated and impoverished South Africa.

Issued by Dennis Bloem, COPE spokesperson

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