Sefu2What makes president Jacob Zuma so feared by ANC leaders is the unknown or unclear source of Power.

At first everybody thought it was the ANC YL, he then destroyed it and remained as powerful.

Others thought it was COSATU, but then he destroyed it and remained even more powerful.

He dealt with some of the most Powerful figures in ANC history without any backlash.Those figures include Former President Thabo Mbeki, Julius Malema, Zwelinzima Vavi and of late he has been rumored to have privately dealt with Blade Nzimande and told him to shut the door.

He has single handedly destroyed the entire ANC alliance and re-positioned the entire alliance to serve only the purpose of protecting him.

He can disrespect ANC MP’s and leaders with no consequence, they mourn and groan, but they know their place. The Nkandla issue is a point in case.

He can disrespect the NEC because the NEC belongs to him. There is absolutely nothing the NEC can do.

His feeding scheme helps, it’s far reaching.

President Jacob Zuma is not only bigger than the ANC, he is bigger than the ANC alliance.

Look at how Sdumo ate his words on the tax bill, how Jeff Radebe made a U-Turn on Nene’s appointment.

The entire alliance has been mute on the President’s scandals.

ANC cannot recall Zuma, Zuma is ANC and ANC is Zuma.

The question is: Can Zuma recall himself?

By Sefu Sekgala

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