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Congress of the People is shocked. The nation is presumably also shocked. The Deputy House Chair who presided over the House when Mosiuoa Lekota took the podium, was completely, utterly and totally rudderless. His ineptness is calamitous to the business of parliament.

The ruling party could not bear to hear Lekota speak the truth. They drowned his attempts to speak. The Deputy House Chair went further and curbed his freedom of expression and the privilege enjoyed by MPs to speak fearlessly. Moreover, his time was eaten up and he was not allowed to say what he wanted.

The ANC has killed the all important mutuality that prevailed in earlier parliaments. Today there is open hostility and open partiality. The legislature has become a limp appendage of the executive because the ruling party majority has surrendered the legislature to the executive.

Furthermore, members of the ruling party make statements that are inflammatory and then will not own up to such statements. Honourable behaviour is no longer the norm in the House.

The ruling party cannot bear to hear the truth. Lekota ruffles their feathers by his mere presence. As a Robben Islander he holds up a mirror to them where they dare not see themselves.

If what is happening in the House is not rapidly contained, disorder is going to spill out into the streets and civil insurrection will follow. The ruling party has lost the moral high ground and is therefore unable to hold our society together. Things are disintegrating at a rapid pace.

It is imperative that the ruling party puts forward candidates who are worthy of sitting on the high chair and capable of restoring the dignity that belongs to the House. Currently a shebeen is more orderly than parliament. That is intolerable and excruciatingly painful.

The ANC continuously accuses other parties of disruptive behaviour in the House. Today, the nation saw to what extent ruling party MPs were disrupting the House. It is time that the ruling party reflects on its destructive and disgraceful behaviour.

By Dennis Bloem, Spokesperson

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