UPOn 19 February 2016 students from the University of Pretoria 27 students took part in a transformative purpose driven March. 27 students were arrested. In arresting these students, unnecessary and extreme violence was used by members of the South African Police Services and more specifically Brooklyn Police station.

It is important to highlight to the uniformed members of the public and media the context and purpose of the said action by students.

The university’s language policy is a bilingual one while the most spoken language in Pretoria being Sepedi has been relegated to nothing but a language of communication by the university. In terms of admissions, international students, Indian, colored’s and black students have to fight for one place as English speakers while Afrikaans speakers have their places protected and secured because the university in terms of its police must have a certain number of Afrikaans speakers enrolled. The language criteria favors Afrikaans speakers to the extent that they are allowed in an English class to ask a question in Afrikaans and have that question answered and in Afrikaans and thus excluding the rest of the class from participation. A certain space in university residences is reserved for Afrikaans Speakers while the rest have to fight for a given number of beds.   It is questionable as to how the university manages to boost one of the highest numbers of Afrikaans intake while the university is based in a country with the most black people and in a province with many black people.

It is worth noting that most non-Afrikaans speakers have to content with the fact that there is no space in universities for them and to an extent that many black students have to accept that their place is at FET’s and leanership programs while the universities language program has allowed for one group to be given preference over others.

To show support and solidarity to the arrested 27 students, members of the public and interested parties are requested to wear black. And support the hashtag Black Monday movement. The student will make their first appearance at the Pretoria Magistrate court.

Feesmustfall movement.

Issued by Tuks27



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