ANC, DA and EFF respond to Mr Walus

We publish statements from three major political parties EFF, ANC and DA on Walus’s parole. Who represents you the best? All three statements are attached:DAJanusz Walus parole: DA to submit questions to determine whether due process was followed

The DA notes that Chris Hani’s convicted assassin has succeeded in his application for parole. The DA, as the party committed to the Rule of Law and due process, will be submitting parliamentary questions to the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Mike Masutha, seeking legal clarity that all processes and protocols were observed by the North Gauteng High Court and the Parole Board in coming to this determination.

This follows the announcement this morning that one of the functionaries of Apartheid, Mr Walus, received parole after serving almost 23 years in jail for the murder of Chris Hani. This was granted by the North Gauteng High Court.

The DA maintains that the Apartheid system and his conduct spurred on a series of violent acts by functionaries that represent the worst in our society and that these actions are to be condemned in the strongest terms possible. Millions of South Africans suffered under the Apartheid system and are still healing the wounds today.

While his actions were reprehensible and represent the worst in society; South Africa has since become a constitutional democracy and to this end the DA has consistently taken the view that prisoners can and should be released on parole, but only after the correct procedures have been followed. In the case of ‘lifers’ this involves recommendations from the Correctional Supervision Parole Board, the National Council for Correctional Services and a decision by the Minister and in this case the Judiciary. Part of this process involves consulting the victims of the crime or their families.

This process needs to be followed without fear or favour for any and all applicants.

Parole is privilege, and those to whom it is granted must only receive it if all legal conditions are met. We will be seeking assurance from Minister Masutha to satisfy ourselves that all processes were properly followed.

Issued by DA

ANCANC Demands immediate deportation of Walus

The African National Congress has noted the decision of the High Court to order the release of Comrade Chris Hani’s murderer – Janusz Walus. The court’s decision to release him exactly a month before we commemorate the 23rd Anniversary of the assassination of this towering hero of our struggle is extremely insensitive. It is further devoid of any appreciation of the devastating impact the murder of Comrade Chris had, not only on the African National Congress, the South African Communist Party but South Africa as a whole. His death robbed our nation of a committed revolutionary who embodied the undying resolve to freedom and liberation by the people of South Africa.

It should never be forgotten that the premeditated actions of Walus almost precipitated a civil war in South Africa, which was stopped only by the strength of the leadership of the ANC. Walus’ imminent release is a travesty of justice and a tragedy for the Hani family and all South Africans who believe in human rights and who held a firm belief in our right to fight for freedom.

The African National Congress demands that Janusz Walus is immediately deported to his country of origin on his release; never to return to South Africa.

Issued by ANC


The EFF notes, with deep sadness, the decision of the Pretoria High Court to grant Chris Hani’s assassin, Janusz Walus, parole which means he will be released from prison in two weeks time. It also means Janusz Walus, together with his co-assassin Clive Derby Lewis, will now be free from life sentences after serving only two decades. They will join a South Africa they sought to collapse into the cold and dark shadows of civil war, in protection of apartheid.

For us in the EFF, this decision brings the question of Chris Hani’s death back to our memory, as to whether it was in vain. The system that Walusz killed Chris Hani to protect, the system of the protection and advancement of white privilege at the expense of the black people, remain intact. FW De Klerk, for whom people like Eugene De Kock worked, is still breathing the same anti-black air that informed apartheid and Walusz.

Therefore, Chris Hani’s death will remain in vain until the system of privileging white people at the expense of blacks is dismantled. The granting of parole whilst the system they killed Chris Hani to protect is still here, they render Hani’s sacrifice futile.

The systematic conditions that Walusz killed Hani for remain the reason why white people still look at blacks with disgust, hate and despise. It is the reason why people like Penny Sparrow see blacks as animals, as things amongst things. This means, Walusz took a fall for a system that has not itself fallen and he is coming out of prison to enjoy in a world where people of his race remain where they were when he killed Chris Hani.

The memory of Chris Hani should never be silenced for as long as black people are not free from landlessness, homelessness, under education in the country of their birth. The force of his memory must be greater than Walusz, it must elevate what Walusz represented, the systematic exclusion of black people from economic life.

As the EFF, we vow that we shall never forget, we shall never tire until what Chris Hani lived and died for it fully realised, which is the total economic emancipation of all our people.


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