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The can of worms has indeed been opened. Barbara Hogan revealed to John Robbie on Radio 702‚ yesterday: “I cannot tell you how much pressure I was put under to meet with Jet Airways.” This is a Gupta linked company. Thus, another important ANC figure is adding to our understanding of the extent to which Zuma has allowed the Gupta family to reign supreme in South Africa.

Who put her under such immense pressure if not Mr Zuma?

COPE has called ANC ministers “bum suckers” and ANC MPs “stooges”. We are vindicated in that stance by the revelations that are now tumbling out. COPE maintained from 2008 that it had the full measure of Zuma. Indeed, we knew him too well. Therefore, rather than remaining in the ANC and becoming seriously compromised, the breakaway occurred and COPE was formed. From 2009 COPE continuously articulated the view that Zuma would destroy South Africa. He has indeed proven to be a one man wrecking ball.

COPE offered a golden opportunity to ANC MPs to get rid of Zuma early in his tenure, but, like the stooges they are, they shut their eyes and closed their ears so as not to see any evil nor hear any evil. That raucous bunch who call themselves ANC MPs now have so much egg on their face. Like Shakespeare’s Macbeth they will tremble at what they did since 2009 and have recurring nightmares that will destroy their sleep. Betrayal of a nation carries a heavy cost and that is what they did to keep the cheques rolling in.

COPE was never going to be sucked into the ANC deceit. We clamoured for Zuma to go to save South Africa. Today, COPE took a further step. COPE laid a charge of treason and corruption against Mr Zuma and the Guptas. The charge was laid at the Brooklyn Police station. Case No: 441/3/2016. COPE urges the police to arrest Mr Zuma and the Guptas immediately because of the gravity of the charge: treason and corruption. This is as serious as it gets.

Dennis Bloem
COPE Spokesperson


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