I support the Gupta family 100% – Andile Mngxitama

Andile-MngxitamaManufacturing facts to fit in with state capture claim

Social media went “lit” on the “great confessions” of former MP Vytjie Mentor. She dropped a “bombshell” this week, boldly claiming that she was offered a ministerial job at the house of the Gupta family.

Already most online publications linked to private business carried the story and similarly, known pro-white capital opinion makers such as Prof Pierre de Vos, veteran journalist Max Du Preez and others have been celebrating what amounts to finally having the proverbial “smoking gun” to support their untenable theory of “state capture” by the Gupta family.

This theory has been carefully hatched by the global white capital propaganda machine such as the Financial Times, Bloomberg, The Economist, Independent of UK, New York Times and locally taken up first by the EFF whose deputy president went further than most after their London trip and declared the Guptas “colonialists”.

In London the EFF met among others the representatives of global capital and known coup plotters and regime change agents for the British crown such as the notorious obscenely wealthy Lord Robin Renwick.

The most important meeting was held under the secretive Chatham House Rule.

The “state capture” theory has been repeated religiously without any basis by local pro-white capital publications.

When the Financial Times (FT) intimated that there was some offer to Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas for the coveted post of Finance Minster, by Sunday all the pro-white capital publications running the anti Gupta campaign had repeated the story as fact that needed no checking or verifying.

The Sunday Times relied entirely on the account of faceless sources to confirm the claims of the Financial Times. Not a single source was found to speak on record.

The Daily Maverick was more forthcoming on the fact that it believes the FT story to be credible not because it has evidence but because it trusts the FT based on its “reputation”.

The media has dropped the standard of evidence so low that we can conclude misinformation has become the creed of the trade.

We shall leave aside the real big story that never made it to the front pages or anywhere in the media.

Everyone in the media knows that Piet Rampedi of the Sunday Times has resigned under troubling circumstances.

There is talk of an explosive resignation letter which exposes how people purporting to represent Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, have made presentations to the Sunday Times to abandon the appeal it has lodged against the ruling of the Ombudsman on its SARS rogue unit story.

On the side of Rampedi, the disputed KPMG report on the unit has come out now confirming all the claims their story relied on but rejected mysteriously by the Ombudsman. Right now the gloves are off so objectivity is suspended.

The main campaign is so impatient to get rid of the Guptas that by Monday the Financial Mail (FM) was calling for a coup against President Jacob Zuma because of this perceived association with the Gupta family. Yes a coup!

The FM editorial was clear that Zuma must go and not by democratic legal means but by other means.

The rage of white capital against the Guptas and the elaborate scheme to take them out of competition seem confirmed by the London trip of Gordhan.

There are unconfirmed reports that when he toured London to account to the markets, which have literally demanded that he be given the job, among the men of global white capitalism he met was Lord Renwick or his representatives.

If this is true then it would explain the great interest in Eskom.

This goes back to white capital’s unhappiness with the Gupta family, more so after the take over of the Glencore owned Optimum Coal Mine.

Lord Renwick has deep pockets and interests in the energy sector. It would not be surprising if Eskom is privatised partially or wholly and companies linked to Renwick pick up some stakes in it.

The media is not going to ask these questions because it is not after the truth.

It is instead manufacturing its own facts to suit its propaganda about its theory of “state capture”. The simple fact is that the SA state is already captured by white capital.

This explains why the “markets” demanded and were given a Minister of Finance that they wanted. The rating agencies are the whips they use to beat the state into line.

Anyway, here are some of the questions that Mentor should answer as soon as she has some time after her holiday. It is unfortunate that she had to break her silence while on vacation.

Firstly, why has she kept quite about a matter as grave as this for this long? Secondly, why has she not opened a case of corruption against the Gupta family who she claims offered her a ministerial post?

Thirdly, why confess to a DA member and not to the relevant authorities? Fourthly, what was she doing at the Gupta family home?

(Doesn’t she say they are corrupt?). Fifth, who invited her to Saxonworld? Sixth, since she is a senior member of the ANC, has she complained to her organisation at least?

Seventh does she believe that Zuma, who was according to her in the other room, was aware of what was said between her and Guptas?

Eighth and most importantly, does she stand by her Facebook comments? Andile Mngxitama is the national convenor of then group Black First Land First.

Andile Mngxitama


30 thoughts on “I support the Gupta family 100% – Andile Mngxitama”

  1. Money is the root of evil all this corruption its because of money but if you love your country you will always do right let’s just let our president fix everything that’s happening


  2. Andile should have listened to the podcast on @Power987 where Mentor explained everything. Maybe this article should have been informed. You sound to me like a person who needs some finacial favours from the Gupta family too. All your questions yo Mentor have answers already on record. Find the podcast on Power987FM website JJTabane interviewed her.


  3. Excellent ANDILE. The media is so fabricative n so one sided it’s not nice reading papers anymore. No story is based on proper research anymore n der r no more brave sources. Instead it’s like a theater, s if everything is rehearsed. All these people dat are hell bent on sacrificing one man has never for 1 second thought in so doing they are harming the very state. They obsession is absolutely unbelievable. Their argument has lost weight. It just that it does unfortunately harm the credibility of the presidency. Is Gupta the only family dats doing business with state? Any major company dat assist De ANC will obviously have an influence in the party. Is dat a crime? The critics will b talking about tax payers money as if the majority of De people dat supports the presidency are not taxpayers. These people sit around doing nothing but rather plan the next Web of conspiracy theories n fund them too. Which ANC or any black leader or president has ever been good enough for opposition? If Mandela was so perfect as they claim, why then did they not vote ANC? I say not that Zuma must not go. But I say he must be judged on merit. Not politics or gossip or fabricated conspiracy theories. Has and is he performing his duties as a president or is he failing? If we can take everything aside and focus our decision whether to recall him on this question, I honestly think we would b on track. So ANDILE your piece is well written and most people are aware of this but choose to go with the most common narrative. I suppose for security reasons n for fear of being an outkast.


  4. White monopoly capital controls everything in South Africa black poverty can only be eredicated by black economics,black industrialist ,black smme black informal sector development….promoting black economics is a dirty word in our white controlled economy


  5. Nonsense! this notion that the Gupta family is not the only family corrupting politicians therefore why ignore other families in SA that might be compromised that narration is misplaced, when corrupt practices are committed whoever is found to be responsible must be dealt with in accordance with our laws not to wait first to look for other evidence of crimes which might exist or not ? whistle blowers must not be threatened at the cost of ideological differences, we should at all times encouraged what would enhance and uphold our justice system our country cannot afford to be found wanting or compromised on such important democratic principles. I therefore suggest we grow up ! those among-st us who are hell bent on playing political games with our state please go look for full-time employment and stop to be arm chair critic .


  6. Tjo Andile one wonders what do you want in life if you could cut your hair and give your head a breather you might think better.


  7. Such bullshit in the article. zupta zombies will continue to defend him.

    This will be published on http://www.zumamustfall.org shortly:
    22 February 2016
    Written by Rajiv Ishwar
    Scandals and Theft: A Disgraceful President
    South Africa, a young democracy of 22 years, is still battling with the ill effects of inequality and racial tension. Nelson Mandela did a good job of reconciling the nation post 1994, in the 5 years that he was president. Now, much of the thought process and hard work by Madiba and the former ANC has been rapidly unravelled by mainly the Zuma administration.
    The current ANC is corrupt to the core, and steals from the mouths of the poor daily, via shady tenders and other corrupt activities. The main issue is a lack of leadership with integrity, and who puts the needs of the country before their own avarice and personal interest. As the saying goes, the fish rots from the head and that is quite evident in the form of Jacob Zuma, president of the ANC and the Republic of South Africa.
    Jacob Zuma is not fit to be the president of this once great country He has disgraced the memory of former ANC leaders, who sacrificed so much for a democratic South Africa, and has brought dispute to the country & the ruling party repeatedly.
    His involvement in so many scandals precludes him as a suitable incumbent for this role. In most other countries, a president facing such scandals would resign voluntarily, be forced to resign or not be re-elected nor appointed by the elected party as that party’s nor that country’s president.
    Scandals include inter-alia
    1. His dubious relationship with the Gupta family that allows them to loot the countries coffers via downright illegal means, such as the recently announced unapproved partnership with Denel, the granting of huge government tenders to Gupta and Zuma owned companies. Zuma’s son is a shareholder and director of Gupta created companies.
    2. The courts ruled that Schabir Shaik had a generally corrupt relationship with Zuma. Now, it takes two to tango, yet Zuma has gotten away scot free in that instance while Shaik was incarcerated for a short period. Schabir Shaik was released from jail under pretence of very severe health issues, but appears to enjoy a full and healthy life. Was he released due to political interference because he would spill the beans on Zuma and his cronies if he remained incarcerated? It would appear so. This debacle has made a mockery of the justice system. A politically connected person such as Schabir Shaik gets away with his crimes while petty criminals have the book thrown at them.
    3. Rape charges, that were admittedly dropped, yet the complainant appears to have disappeared under duress.
    4. Zuma’s meddling in the NPA and the appointment of ANC and Zuma friendly senior staff.
    5. Advocating polygamy in a poverty ridden society, that should focus on small families and the betterment of those small nuclear family members, via education, better nutrition and proper parental guidance. His polygamy is a further drain on the already over stretched tax payer as his wives cost the country approximately R15m per annum. That is approximately 5 times his salary as president.
    6. Zuma’s salary, allowances, cost of 4 wives, the spend on Nkandla, etc., etc. makes him the highest paid president in the world. The value we derive from him as “leader” is abysmal or non-existent.
    7. The fathering of children from women who are not his wives.
    8. Breaking the trust of a close friend by engaging in sexual intercourse with his daughter, young enough to be Zuma’s grandchild.
    9. The arms deal scandal, which has been ongoing for more than a decade and the subsequent withholding of those tapes despite a court order.
    10. The debacle around Nkandla:
    • The findings in the public protector’s final report compels him to pay back money spent on-security features. He has publicly denied both responsibility and accountability for this fraudulent spend. He has tried to subvert the Public Protectors authority, and in that process contravened provisions of the Constitution. That is totally unbefitting for a president. He is after all, meant to be the no. 1 protector of all things South African, which should include, taxpayer’s money and public funds, demonstrating honesty, integrity, appropriate leadership and dealing with issues quickly and succinctly.
    • Inappropriate & inflated spend and the subsequent farcical defence of that by Government ministers e.g. swimming pool being called a “fire pool”, building of a tuck shop, cattle kraal and chicken coup, etc., etc. with tax-payers money.
    • Engaging his private architect on the project without proper security clearance and then allowing his ministers to vociferously defend the upgrades based on the need for security measures. This is a very hypocritical stance.
    • Lying to parliament & the country that he had no knowledge of the upgrade costs, yet he visits the development regularly and must have noticed the upgrades. Surely a man in his position should have summoned his ministers to explain where the money came from. In fact, he should have stopped the spending of public funds on his home before the upgrades even commenced. If he does not know what happen at his house, how can he even know what occurs in government and the country?
    • His recent admission to the Constitutional Court, via his attorneys that he, should have obeyed the Public Protectors report and is now willing to “pay back the money”.
    • Zuma has dragged this issue for years at the expense of taxpayers. He has repeated lied to the nation and the world and displayed a total lack of integrity on this matter.
    Furthermore, he has let parliament become a circus of note without showing any leadership with any conviction. The recent raucous behaviour in parliament by MPs are directly contributable to his theft of taxpayer’s money for use on his private home.
    He repeatedly sings outdated struggle songs that have no relevance in uniting all people in South Africa. All those songs such as Umshini Wam do, is create further divide, uncertainly and racial tension.
    The recent removal of Nhlanhla Nene in favour of unknown backbencher Des Van Rooyen as minister of finance caused havoc on the equity and forex markets. On the night of 9 December, when Zuma took that misguided decision, the Rand plummeted 25% against the US Dollar in a few minutes. The JSE lost billions in a few days as investor confidence in SA plummeted. Under duress from various parties, he redeployed van Rooyen to the ministry of local government and reappointed Pravin Gordhan to the position of finance minister that Sunday, 4 days later. On 22 February 2016, Zuma continued to defend his appointment of van Rooyen stating that he, van Rooyen, is the most qualified minister he has ever appointed. What utter rubbish. All signs are that the van Rooyen’s appointment was influenced by the Guptas and since when did Zuma care about qualifications, having not improved his standard 3 “qualification”, despite other struggle stalwarts having studied in prison and beyond?
    During his presidency, Zuma has spent so much valuable time defending himself against the nation and the courts such that it can be said to have impacted the running of the country negatively. A man who spends so much time of his own personal defence can surely not do justice to that role.
    The burning question now is whether South Africa will survive another 3 years of Zuma, until the next general election, or spiral into a scenario similar to that seen in Zimbabwe. Personally I think we cannot afford another 3 years of a Zuma “kleptocracy”. In the last 6 years, since Zuma usurped the presidency from Thabo Mbeki, he has repeatedly, amongst other deplorable behaviour, attempted to circumvent the law and created more racial tension and mistrust amongst South Africans of different races. He and the ministers in his cabinet do not address the nation as a whole on a regular basis to create social harmony and create a united South Africa. When they do via for example, via The State of the Nation Address and debate, it is uninspiring, lacks vision and strategies to overcome the issues of unemployment, corruption, nation building, safety and security that the country desperately needs.
    In summary Jacob Zuma has been an abominable president. His legacy will be tainted by scandal and nothing of real substance. South Africans should act collectively to remove this stain on our nation.


  8. Anyone who support Guptas is morally bankrupt. Guptas are part of white supremacist, they are part of white monopoly capital and form part of South Africa’s problem where economy is still in the hands of the racist white minority. Anyone who believe that Guptas are victims of state capture is ignorant, both Guptas and Ruperts form part of state capturing. It is hypocritical to suggest that they have little than Oppenheimer, Ruperts and others. The fact is they are part of role players that are causing problems in our country’s economy by influence decisions by aligning themselves with high profile politicians. Guptas, Oppenheimer and Ruperts must be treated equally with no exception but we need not to be opportunistic and choose sides because we want political funders to fund our parties, we need to be principle and say Guptas have crossed the line and refused to be calm beggars but Mafias who lost guilty conscious and now are big headed and feared no one.

    Guptas directly hand picked executive members showing their ignorance, in that matter. Guptas undermined South Africa’s sovereignty, constitution and the people. Guptas grossly transgressed, Guptas went from being hyenas to lions, they did not get enough and wanted more. Hyenas are very shy animals but cruel while lions are just cruel and viscous. Hyenas like to target their prey at night while lions target their prey day and night. No normal human being will choose either of the two animals as they are both cruel and dangerous but only hypocrites will measure the strength of both animals, the same can be said about Guptas, Oppenheimer and the rest.

    Comparing Guptas strength and that of Oppenheimer, Ruperts and others is just like comparing lion with hyena, it incomparable. Others stolen most of their wealth during apartheid while Guptas are looting under our watch. So because others looted during apartheid people suggest we just watch and smile while Guptas looting our tax? Must we say it is their turn so let’s not worry? Must we say they are not white so it is fine they can loot?

    I think what must we say is that: Guptas are not alone in their corruption, they are together with President Zuma so the President must account together with the ruling party. All businesses that want to meddle with government must be black listed and their licenses revoked. Failure to comply all their assets be frozen and those found guilty face lifetime sentence. No member of president will be awarded directly or indirectly government tender.


  9. Let’s start by changing de name of de country from South Africa to Azania and everybody will simply kick themselves into place.


  10. Mngxitama is just playing a card to accumulate political score, he uses this platform to regain his popularity, ‘the state capture’ require immediate intervention.


  11. Go read Mentors interviews all your questions are answered there. Since leaving the EFF you have struggled for relevance, now you challenge people credibility who has sought to fight from within her organisation.


  12. Why does this guy even get so much media coverage when he has no legal standing. We don’t know the strength of his following. All that we know is that he tries to make as much noise as possible in order to get support.


    1. dropia: postas nu-s, deci nu prea vad cum as putea eu sa iti platesc pensia. despre varsta evneidt, daca citeai si vedeai ca la LOTR1 eram inca in camin, puteai sa iti dai seama ca si eu o sa fiu d-ala, care vede pensia ca pe o poveste SF


  13. Some comments arguing that black Africans must do state capture in order to take back from white capture are operating on a fundamental racist assumption. The greedy acquisition of wealth, the growth of inequality and corruption comes to all humans. Some blacks have the potential to be as rotten as some whites….


  14. gw lebih sesat lagi, bikin cap pake nama dokter+NIP dokter yang pernah gw kunjungin, biaya cuma Rp 25.000 plus suratnya diketik sendiri,bisa print dan pake berkali2.ga perlu berkunjung ke dokter setiap kali virus malas datang….. —- 1nd1r4s last blog po#0…&s823t;


  15. MS: Yes. Just been through Queen St – and it seems tthat quite a few cabbage trees are already planted – in the dozens. They seem to be cotnixs-ieg with the other anon. trees without a problem – some of them are a bit weedy – but then again so are some of the other trees, spindly – maybe they haven’t been pruned correctly, or at all? The nikau palms look great. They are flowering at the moment by the looks of it.


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