The ANC NEC statement as delivered by Gwede and Zizi is not all gloomy as most people may express – Sefu Sekgala

Sefu2The statement does indicate that Jacob Zuma still has unshakable power within the ANC. I believe this is worrying.But it also indicates that Gwede and Zizi wants Jacob Zuma to step down. They know that they don’t have the support within the ANC, but I believe they will from today work harder to dismantle Jacob Zuma’s support.


Am saying this because of the following:


Gwede expressed disgust in Dlamini’s statement that all ANC NEC members have skeletons, he did the same with Maine’s call for the resignation of Jonas. He called these two ill disciplined.


When asked about ANC member like Jonas coming out in public about Gupta’s interaction with them, he defended them and saw their actions honorable and strengthening the ANC. He did not question at all whether they could be lying or telling the truth.


This in my view tells me that Gwede is our inside man.


Gwede was then asked a very important question and the question was: Is the President of the ANC captured? He then replied by saying, that is a wrong question and demanded of me to make a judgement and that is not fair.


Gwede’s most important mandate is to defend the ANC and most importantly its President. He intentionally did not do that.


I believe very strongly that Gwede and the team will send their forces to the ground to do the ground work.


If they attached Zuma directly, they would immediately be ejected out of the ANC.


It is now up to the opposition parties to take advantage of this gap and rally South Africa behind them.

Sefu Sekgala




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