Max Du Preez, stop spreading lies about my DAD (President Jacob Zuma) – Edward Zuma

edward-Zuma“One has to outline a few things on what the bitter white old man is saying.

Max you are such a hypocrite and liar, that you have began to believe yourself with the lies you seek to feed south Africans and the world.

Max du preez says the Zuma family and clan are now rich or wealthy because of the Guptas, well again he is lying and misleading people and the country, one has to state that I don’t have a relationship with the said family (Gupta) that is business related. Hence I am a self made business person in my own right, not unless du preez is saying we aren’t clever enough to be our own person without the Guptas then it would be stupid and very selective of him to single out the Zuma family when there are known billionaires who are also politicians that also have relationships with certain families that practically own south Africa and du preez is also one of their boys who suck up to them whenever they cough.

Max must seez being pathetic in his unfounded assertions, which he continuously write to please the stellenbosch masters that pay them millions to tarnish the image and name of the president.

Well one thing max no matter what you write or say Zuma was never made by the media or the stellenbosch masters nor will he be broken by them as far as one is concerned they are just a bunch of greedy people who are exploiting our people with the support of those that attend meetings in dark corners plotting to destabilize our country in the name of strengthening the economy,they have their allies in the west who obviously have a problem with the existence of the golden brics which clearly is not to their favour as this will make us as Africa and south Africa to be independent of these barbaric and greedy masters and the west,their problem is Zuma and with him in the picture they will not control us, hence they want those that they pay monies to lead this country so that they do as they want.

South Africans we should fight this otherwise we shall be economical slaves for decades to come.

We know they will unleash agents on us for telling the truth but one is not afraid of them we shall not loose focus on who the problem is the puppets of the west mascarading as champions of our country, tell no lies Jonas and crew history will repeat itself sooner than you think.

Be fair and honest in judging as to who our allies are and what is it that they seek to achieve at the end.

I write this in my personal capacity.

Statement issued by Edward Zuma” !!!

4 thoughts on “Max Du Preez, stop spreading lies about my DAD (President Jacob Zuma) – Edward Zuma”

  1. Zupta is one of the most corrupt politicians in South African history. A national disgrace who is almost single handedly responsible for the upcoming downgrade of the country’s credit to junk status. His Nkandka palace…expensive jets…corrupt appointments and outright thievery has brought this country to its knees. Sorry, kid. Your father is a crook.


  2. lol is ths all a joke? your family is destroying the country. stop shifting blame, your family build a mansion but your next door still stays in a mud house, you fooling with the nation.


  3. Judging from the spelling and punctuation errors you clearly lack the education to be a self made business person. Stop camouflaging the truth and accept responsibility for your fathers failure to be an honest leader and acknowledge that you benefited from this.


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