I have joined EFF – Eusebius Mckaiser

Eusebius Mckaiser

Friends, after giving considerable thought to the role and impact that writing and analysis have on our political discourse, it is clear to me that active citizenship in various forms matter, but cannot make a decisive difference without real legal power. Writers matter, but not decisively at this time.

The pen is proverbially mightier than the sword but in reality having access to the levers of power are a quicker way to effect material change in and on our unjust society. That is why public office matters and that is why the ethical rot at the heart of our state is an unforgiving reality.

This wayward use of power is not restricted to the state. Other sources of power such as that wielded by corporates have also for too long been critiqued too gently, too infrequently and from a place of profound misunderstanding of how much corporate wealth piggybacks on public money such as the fruits of public education for example.

This left me thinking where to from here after years of writing columns, giving keynote speeches, moderating ineffectual multi-day conferences where business leaders pretend to have a social conscience and government refuses to own up to its blameworthy role in our underachievement as a nation.

And it seems inescapable that like many already are doing, I should get my hands dirtier than they get when I write words.

I’m therefore entering politics.

Only three political parties were feasible options. While the ANC has a glorious history, poor people cannot eat history. The opportunity costs of systemic state corruption is indescribably horrid to even try and paint a verbal picture of. So while the liberal attitude of the party towards questions of identity always appealed to me as a gay man, one cannot enter politics on such narrow ground. The vast majority of poor black South Africans do not experience Uhuru despite the constitutional vision of a free and substantively equal society. The ANC isn’t a choice at this time. It’s morally bankrupt.

The DA appeals almost culturally or aesthetically to me as someone fluent in the grammar of whiteness, but frankly I am not even convinced a critical mass of the top leadership in the DA are genuine liberal egalitarians. They are a collection of ‘concerned citizens’ with no coherent ideology other than ahistoricism and colourblindness. I can afford to join the party as a middle-class degreed professional, but only if I do so for selfish reasons rather than out of my impulse to serve a pro-poor public agenda as a politician.

And so I’ve joined the only party who understands the material injustices of the status quo. I’m comfortable that differences will be managed in terms of alternative views on policy and ideology but the fundamental attraction of the EFF is a magisterial and unapologetic grasp that the EFF has of the political moment. And what a long moment it is under president Jacob Zuma.

Adv Dali Mpofu your months of recruiting effort has paid off. See you later today.

Eusebius Mckaiser

4 thoughts on “I have joined EFF – Eusebius Mckaiser”

  1. as an young south African junior politician,I urge that our national leadership to stop violating our votes. we vote them and forget us,they use our votes to in rich themselves. as well to have an access to parliamentary Stokvel show. we’re nothing but foreign animals in our own land. when things are hard they don’t come to us to hear our opinions and to remind them they’re in parly to represent us not their pockets. South Africa is ours not particular supreme. if they can’t afford to lead us,let’s them give power back to the people we’re previlage to run our government. especially ANC caused a lot,even don’t get along with one another because they failed to teach politics rather taught us to use politic to drift ourselves from one another. we forgotten who we are,we kill each other daily. let’s start with Zuma forcefully to resign,that is revolutionary or change even it might be painfull but we have to sacrifice our democracy to save our democracy.


  2. We wish you a very goodluck Eusebius and welcome to politics. Just as word of advice. Please focus on the real issues affecting our ppl and keep your focus off ANC and its leader. I think that nerrative has become EFF’s reason for existence so long that it would really regret ever having called for the resignation of JZ. But remember, kids dont always no what they want but would want it anyway. Another advice is No you cant eat history but Identity is key to ones existence and experience is also irriplaceable. Thats why you have Mandela – Prison to presidency, and Zuma – Std 9 to presidency…Congrats to your Leader CIC Malema on his graduation. Again, good luck on your endevour and hope you make a the required difference..


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