President Jacob Zuma and his executive leads opposition parties to a Cul De Sac – Sefu Sekgala

cul_de_sacMaybe today the people won the day. Major batles waged by apposition parties are against the executive. I have said many times that, targeting the executive as an oppositionist strategy may get you on the front pages, but I doubt it will get you to govern.

Today, Jacob Zuma may have changed opposition parties political script. They took a road thinking it would lead to the union buildingd, but its a Cul De Sac.

Only a battle for the people beside the people is a road to the union building.

These latest events have clearly shown us that only a people’s vote can give you a voice. The people’s vote is superior than the law, politics have now been proven to be bigger than even the constitution, which can easily be amended by two third majority.

You have tried the courts and you failed, you have tried parliament and you failed, try the people and you will be made kings. With the people you cannever fail.

Let our people get maximum attention from political parties, take government to court becuase is not delivering in communities.

What a perfect start for both local and national elections

Sefu Sekgala

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