To remain the majority, Black people must reproduce rapidly – Julius Malema

Julius MalemaMalema urges Blacks to have more babies

Economic Freedom Fighters president Julius Malema promised people of Soweto that their pride as Black people would be restored the day the ANC is taken out of power.

Malema was in Soweto to mobilise for the party’s coming election manifesto launch in Orlando Stadium at the end of the month.

He accused the ruling party of benefiting close relatives and cronies with positions‚ employment and houses.

“If you do not sleep with them or are not a member of the ANC you will never get anything.

“When your children graduate they do not get jobs because you must be knowing so and so.

“If you are not a member of the ANC you do not get a job. We must fight against them.”

He reminded people of Soweto about their role in the struggle against apartheid.

“People of Soweto are the people who fought against a white regime and we must not forget the role people of Soweto played in the struggle.”

He persuaded Black people to continue to reproduce for their legacy to continue and for Black people to remain dominant.

He accused white people of trying to discourage Blacks from having many children because they want to reduce the population so that they take over politically.

“Give birth and expand because if we do not make children we are going to disappear as a Black nation. To make children is a revolutionary duty‚ because children represents reproduction of society.

“And when you reproduce yourself you reproduce your ideas and legacy.

“White people do not want us to give birth because they know we are more than them. So that they can be more than us and the day they are more than us they will take over our land‚” he said.

Malema said the decision of the Constitutional Court to force President Jacob Zuma to repay some of the money for non-security upgrades at his private Nkandla homestead would be used to improve the lives of ordinary people.

He said although the EFF was blamed for disruptions in Parliament‚ South Africans were elated after the court judgment.

Malema urged the youth of Soweto not to turn to drugs just because of the social ills of society.

“We must not surrender to alcohol. The youth of Meadowlands‚ the youth of Soweto‚ there is no drug that is going to give you a better life… you must forget‚” said Malema.

“Don’t say because you are hungry you must go and do drugs‚ you must just hang in there.”



2 thoughts on “To remain the majority, Black people must reproduce rapidly – Julius Malema”

  1. Jeeez! When last did this Oompla-Loompa look at the population register stats? Ain’t no race group in SA coming ANYWHERE near catching let alone overtaking the “black” population of South Africa. The next largest group are the “whites” who now have a negative birth rate. Some studies indicate the white population in SA will be all but extinct by 2061!


  2. Julius you are an idiot, fertility rates are already sky high – SA has a lot of black kids who come from child headed or single parent families and are part of the current problem.Not every black S African will own land or be middle class or own a business, the very small minority will .You want to create a large working class population of desperate individuals to expand your constituency. Wake up..the Eastern Cape is highly impoverished because of wanton fertility rates which has lead to crime and severe desperation.Stop being stupid.


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