ANC calls on state authorities to urgently investigate Julius Malema and EFF – ANC

ANCRemarks by the EFF on Aljazeera

The African National Congress (ANC) notes with extreme concern the remarks made by EFF leader, Mr Julius Malema, in a widely publicised media interview with the Al Jazeera Network aired on 24 April 2016.

Mr Malema told Al Jazeera that ‘they’ would remove the South African government “..through the barrel of a gun.”

These remarks are a call to violence, are inflammatory, treasonable and seditious and should be treated with extreme seriousness.

They also are in clear violation of the Electoral Code and the Charter on Elections Ethics signed by a number of political parties – including the EFF, last week. In signing this Charter, parties committed to upholding and promoting Constitutional values, alongside the Elections Code.

These reckless utterances display a shocking lack of judgment on the part of the leadership of the EFF who have a duty, together with all political parties, to ensure their membership abides with the laws of the land. The remarks made by Mr. Malema are a clear incitement to people to commit acts of violence, which is against the laws of the Republic.

The ANC calls on state authorities to urgently investigate this matter and act against such conduct.

Issued by ANC

One thought on “ANC calls on state authorities to urgently investigate Julius Malema and EFF – ANC”

  1. Mxm!,as if they(Anc) would not have done the same had the NP government clung on to power a little bit more.They themselves were on the verge of declaring war on the NP government,a government which is,by no noticable means,different to them regarding governance style.If they NP had to be removed forcefully,the Anc deserves the same treatment for they’ve been nothing less of the apartheid government.Whatever calls they may make for the EFF and CIC Malema,if what the EFF were to go on and fight the Anc,they will have invited it upon themselves.


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