Phumzile van DammeDA challenges Malema to apologise to nation on live TV

On behalf of the DA, I today challenge the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema, to use the opportunity of live coverage to apologise to South Africa as a whole for his radical and hateful statements which have over many years sought to divide South Africa and dismantle Madiba’s vision of one nation, united in our diversity.

To assist the EFF, we have created a list of some unacceptable examples as a starting point. Mr Malema should apologise:

  1. For vowing, in 2008, that the ANCYL would take up arms if the prosecution of Jacob Zuma for alleged fraud and corruption continued. Yesterday, the DA won its case in getting the decision to drop these charges set aside.
  2. For encouraging the rampant rape culture in South Africa, in 2009, when he said that the woman who had accused Jacob Zuma of rape had a “nice time” and “requested breakfast and taxi money”.
  3. For embarrassing South Africa and undermining media freedom, in 2010, when he called a BBC journalist a “bastard” and a “bloody agent”.
  4. For the collapse of several bridges in Limpopo, around 2010, which his company built. This was supposed to help the people of one of the poorest provinces in South Africa.
  5. For undermining the Judiciary, in 2012, when he said that the voters and NOT the judges must decide on Jacob Zuma, relating to the corruption case against him.
  6. For breaking the law, in 2013, when he was caught speeding at 215kph, in a country with one of the highest road deaths in the world.
  7. For rebuking reconciliation, in 2015 – the bedrock of our democratic South Africa – when he said that“We will not be speaking this reconciliation nonsense…” 
  8. For implying that Mandela was a sell-out, in 2015, when he said that the first democratically elected President of South Africa compromised on the fundamental principles of the revolution.
  9. For calling on black women, in 2016, to have more babies and in doing so failing to understand the structural gender inequality and poverty that women in particular face across our country.
  10. For encouraging violence and chaos recently when he said that he was prepared to remove the government via the barrel of the gun.

The EFF is a radical party that wants white people and black people to hate each other. It is a party that will scare away investment, and prevent job creation. It is a party that will– given the opportunity– steal money from the people again. And it is a party that if given the chance would allow for violence and chaos to ensue in our towns and cities all over again.

The reality is that the EFF is too extreme and radical to govern. Like the ANC, they will take South Africa in the wrong direction.

South Africans now face a choice. They can vote for a return to violence and chaos, or vote for the DA that will bring about CHANGE that will create jobs, deliver better services and stop corruption.

This is the change we need to move South Africa forward again.

By Phumzile van Damme

Join the conversation! 3 Comments

  1. Well spoken. Could also add his failure to pay tax and his kneedeep involvement in corruption during his invovement with disfunctionzl ANC.


  2. I totally agree


  3. Well White people already hate Africans and vice versa . Not sure what the fuss is all about. The sooner we accept that the faster we can move on to the Justice part. There will never be any relationship between the races until full justice is dispensed



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