Cope LogoCongress of the People calls on all opposition parties to withdraw from parliament and not to legitimise it nor allow a president who has broken his oath of office to find acceptance within its hallowed chamber. It cannot be business as usual.

It is very clear that the ruling party is hell bent in continuing to disrespect the Constitution and the rule of law. They will do everything in their power to defend a discredited individual who is occupying the top office in the land. For opposition parties to remain and participate in parliamentary activities makes them guilty also of undermining the ConCourt judgement.

Those who violate the law have to be punished. Mr Zuma as well as the National Assembly (read ANC caucus) violated the supreme law of the land. It is the very worst offence in the land. Even so, the ANC is paying lip service to the judgment handed down on 31 March 2016 in the ConCourt. In an empty gesture it accepts the judgment with no intention whatsoever to give full effect to it. Consequently, the National Assembly is continuing to operate in contempt of court and is lurching from disaster to disaster.

The ANC under Mr Zuma has made many institutions of state dysfunctional, costly and politicized. The ConCourt exposed the extent to which the National Assembly has become a subservient appendage of the executive. The principle of the separation of power has been severely compromised. Unlike the judiciary, the legislature which is dominated by the ANC has no identity of its own and therefore has no useful purpose to serve. It is a charade, not a parliament of the people.

For the peoples’ parliament to become the peoples’ parliament opposition parties must withdraw from participation in parliament and use this period of electioneering to win public support for its dissolution. The Baleka led National Assembly is moribund. Its only usefulness lies in creating drama.

The national interest will be best served through opposition parties withdrawing from parliament and working for the dissolution of the present parliament. That will enable voters in our country to determine the way forward.

Issued by Dennis Bloem

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